If u have US$8000 to spare...would u

  1. buy a J12 or Birkin Bag????..:p
  2. Probably a birkin, unless it was $10600 for the diamond bezel j12 (38):smile:
  3. I say a J12. Lucky for me, I am not an Hermes fan. (don't shoot!) :wtf:
  4. :roflmfao:...u are so funny...*hugs*
  5. I'm not into Birkin, so I say J12 BLACK (since I already have the white...:p)
  6. Don't hit me...I would go for a Birkin.:sweatdrop:
  7. BIRKIN!!!

    It's the ultimate handbag!!
  8. J12:tup:
  9. I would probably go for a Birkin.
  10. J12 is useful and practical
    Hermes is more a splurge
    So unless I had the perfect Hermes in mind, I think I'd probably go for the J12 (you can use this everyday ;))
  11. J12-J12-J12-J12
  12. Birkin for me, no doubt! I don't even wear a watch:lol: but that doesn't mean that I will turn down a J12 if it was given to me as a gift! NOT AT ALL!!
  13. I will get all the reissues! In all colors released! LOL.. Will that be enough?!
  14. J12 most definitely! Birkins don't do a thing for me either (what Sheanabelle said!).
  15. J12, not a fan of the birkin.