If u have to give up one item in your Chloe collection, what will it be?

  1. For me, it has to be the tall edith. Its been in the dustbag for a long time but I'm having 2nd thoughts to part with it....how about u ladies, do u have 1 chloe item u are sometimes unsure about??:confused1:
  2. ummm, that's a very hard decision... i love all my chloes but i would probably part w/ my tan medium paddy loaf.... IF i had to... but since i don't, then i won't :graucho:
  3. I've just listed my gold Silverado. It looks STUNNING and I occasionally get it out of it's dust bag and look at it, but I never use it. It just doesn't suit my style any more, and I made a resolution that I would not hang onto things and never use them. I'd like to replace it with one of the Chloe hobos - either a Paddy, Bay or Betty, can't decide which!
  4. I too am going to go with one of my silverado , I believe it's saddle color, but not too sure, I was a chloe newbie when I purchased the bag...
    And I'd trade both of them in if I knew I could get the bay for them....*then she wakes up from her dream*
  5. well considering my collection consists of one paddy and one wallet...i'll have to go with the wallet LOL
  6. Maybe one of my wallets none of the handbags I love them so!!!
  7. It's an inconceivable thought? Did I read you correctly?
  8. I just listed my chocolate patent betty. I still love her to death, but she just isn't as practical for me as my chocolate Tracy or my chocolate paddington shopper. Guess it is just a case of a little too much chocolate :nuts:

  9. Wait a minute?????? Now we have too much chocolate????? :noggin:
  10. ^^ Too funny!!
  11. great thread shopstf :biggrin:

    If you had asked me a year ago, inconceivable to think about losing any, but now, I only feel the need to have one of each style, and I am not worried about losing one to find a better leather or style. So I recently sold on the rouge paddy and the matching wallet, as I wasnt as in to them as I should have been.

    Onwards and upwards, there are some gorgeous Chloe bags out there to tempt us into parting with some others :biggrin: ;)
  12. green-eggs (excuse mytyping I am having PINOT) you are getting rid of your chain handled choco patent Betty???? Do you not like it any more??????
  13. Everything is too new! I am still too infatuated with my Paddys :tender: to think about giving one of them up, even though logically over time one is going to wind up 'on the shelf'. I have thought about getting rid of my little Edith loaf, but just when I'm on the brink of doing it, I use the bag and feel the :heart: again. And I have a choco hobo and a choco paddy which is overkill but . . . can't make a decision. I'm useless. :shrugs:
  14. Mine isn't the chain handled version. I love the way she looks but for work the Tracy and Paddington totes are so much more practical. They lay a little flatter which is better for files etc. I'm giving it the 'ole college try (mostly to appease my husband and make room in my closet) but let's just say if she doesn't sell I won't be heartbroken :upsidedown:
  15. For me it would be my whiskey or chocolate regular Edith. This is the only Chloe style I've bought that I haven't bonded with so much. I love my big Edith for travel, though.