If U had $1,500.00 what LV bag would U get??

  1. Just wondering...I have $1,500.00 EXTRA this month to spend on a bag & I am not sure what I want to get YET...What would you get if you had $1,500.00 to spend on a bag??:rolleyes:
  2. hmm.

    multicolor speedy 30.

    (extra 200 that is)
  3. Hmmmm, interesting, I love being the good enabler, LOL :biggrin:

    Let's see, what lines do you like most? mono, vernis? Are there any specific bags on your mind to choose from?

    Are you planning on getting the bags that are readily avail in the stores or search for the discontinued-hard to get ones?
  4. I would get a White MC Bag for the summer!! Actually I just got the trouville so I would get a wallet and warpity to go with it!!!
  5. I'd get a Duomo. :love:
  6. two mono keepall 45's. youll be a lil over, but you'll have luggage!

    i'm obsessed with lv luggage. lol.

    or you can get the Monogram Multicolore Aurelia MM. drool.
  7. Just the MC wapity for me. This month I'm being a money whore.
  8. I think I want a FUN summer bag....I have multicolore ...I was thinking of MAYBE a tote..or MAYBE a bag that IS HARD TO GET KWIM????
  9. For me definitely the Hudson GM with an extra short strap :rolleyes:
  10. how bout something from the antigua line? for summer and $1500, i'd get:
    cabas GM, the sac rabat, and the plate GM. :biggrin: :yes:
  11. Fun summer bag, hmmm.. let's see what that could be..

    What about something cherry blossom? a retro or pap would be less than 1500 nowadays..

    Or vernis is also a good candidate (for me at least, I'm a vernis freak :amuse: ), not really familiar with the new vernis styles, but you can check out eluxury or vuitton.com for the styles. Framboise color is pretty summery.

    Something cerise? cerise speedy perhaps? Mint or brand new one is around 1500 if you're lucky..
  12. Thanks Sarah YOU HAVE good idea LOL
    I have the Cerise speedy and I am not a big fan of vernis (I LOVE them but I hate the color transfer thing with them kwim)the cherry blossom and retro are hot but not for me...I think I like the idea of the antigua line...Thanks Frozen
    I should really but this extra $$ In the bank LOL ...but what fun would that be LOL
  13. Invest into getting a Vespa. It's stylish plus it gets like 70+ mpg.
  14. I am not a big fan of scooters I LIKE H.D. Bikes much better...LOL BUT THEN again you never know..I have been known to change my mind ALOT
  15. Mono key cles
    Pink Denim Baggy PM
    Mono pochette