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  1. what would it be?

    Im indecisive between the GC events at SAKS, BG,etc

    DO i blow over $ 3000 on the BASEBALL SPIRIT HOBO?
    OR the $2750 RODEO DRIVE BAG in BLACK
    OR the EW Glazed navy flap?????????/

    i cant make up my mind..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


    all these Dept stores EGC battles are killing me..ROFL!

    BERGDORFS has the best deal ever..........sigh....
    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Guide me thru this hard decision..PLEASE!
  2. I say glazed navy flap
    And I know what you mean about all the events going on right now!
  3. navy =) its beautiful!
  4. I told you you seem to love the bbs bag and you save 200 bucks! I love love the rodeo , I want it, but it has gold hardwear on it, can you live with that. I love the navy bag!!!! I wonder if bg has the navy east west?
  5. $2750 Rodeo Drive Bag in black......HANDS-DOWN

    I think that's more your style (as long as you can live with gold h/w)....also IMO it's a timeless classic with a modern twist, but not too trendy.....and AFAIK it's a rather limited release and should retain (at least most of its) value over time.
  6. Me 3! Go for the navy, Jill! You know how gorgeous and TDF that color is... :graucho:
  7. How big is the baseball spirit hobo?

    I like the Rodeo Drive bag, does it come in any other colors besides black and white? Do you need another black bag?

    Maybe you should get the Navy glazed lambskin Jumbo.:graucho:
  8. I agree with MON, get a navy jumbo!!!!
  9. I want the rodeo in beige but I am unsure of the gold hardwear, it looks brassy in some pics. if it was silver I would have it now!I know you really like the bbs , but do you perforated leather?
  10. ^Jill ALWAYS needs another black bag....HEHEHE!
    do NOT give me any other ideas to add....LMAO..this is sooo hard!
  11. Jill, since when have you only picked one? Are you OK? Sick? Do you need an intervention? Make us proud and get them all. Oh and post pics.
  12. does anyone have pics of the baseball spirit hobo?When i called BG this afternoon, they only have EW black. I luv the navy flap:smile:
  13. ^ BG didnt carry baseball spirit....bummer!
  14. i agreee with mon =) maybe a rodeo drive in blush color??? jill from ur posts, dont u loveee those pinkish/pastel colors? why dont u get the blush for rodeo??
  15. ^ I have bought FOUR pink bags in the last 30 days..LMAO...Im not letting myself buy one more!