if this the only choice you have ... ?

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  1. okay.. my DH finally going to buy me a new LV bag + wallet (yayyyyyy!!:yahoo:), but he only give me this 2 choices, which is:

    1. vernis roxbury + epi pochette wallet (is there any..?) OR
    2. epi montaigne clutch + vernis pochette wallet

    so far for my lv collections, i dun have neither vernis nor epi line yet. so its time for me to get new line beside mono canvas, damier ebene and azur and multicolor..

    which of this 2 choices above you think is better??
  2. Well, to be honest, I already have the Roxbury Drive. So I would choose the second one. I found the picture of the Epi Pochette wallet, I'm not crazy about the style. It looks a bit plain to me.


    But seriously, the Roxbury is a gorgeous bag. It can be carried on the hand as a clutch and a shoulder, and can fit a little bit more than the montaigne clutch. Although both of them are seriously cute. As for the wallets, I prefer the Vernis Pochette wallet! It's truly gorgeous and the embossing of the monogram is to die for. This is a very hard choice.

    Okay, I'll choose the second one. You have to get that Vernis wallet. Seriously!
  3. 2nd!
  4. 2nd for me too
  5. yes, honestly i like that montaigne clutch so much, but the things is i getting mono eva already *now still waiting for her to come.. hehe*, so do you think is better having 2 clutches? besides, i already have multicolore pochette accesorries as well..

    thats why i confuse... :sad:
  6. I love a vernis wallet! I would definitely choose that:yes: coz i would be so scared to use a vernis bag :P
  7. Why do you only get a limited choice? It is your birthday, and you should be allowed the items you like best!
  8. 2nd option for me!
  9. I love the montaigne clutch, it's lovely ~~ I choose the 2nd.
  10. I say go for the Roxy and the Epi wallet!
  11. hi.. this is not for my birthday gift, its a just a gift that he wanna give me this year. but since i purchase 3 lv bags already for this past 2 months, my hubby limit my choice, basically i also demand a chanel bag from him :Push: hehe..
  12. 1st...I LOVE the vernis Roxy!
  13. Choose 1 since you have another pretty clutch coming.
  14. I think it comes down to which bag you'd rather have, the Roxbury or the Montaigne. If you'd rather have another clutch that has no logo print on it, get the Montaigne. If you'd rather have a slightly larger, stunning bag, get the Roxbury.

    The wallets are the same design, so there's less of a difference there (in my opinion). FWIW, I own the epi pochette wallet in the cassis color, and I love it. Some think it's "plain," but I only have one wallet, and while I'm at work among colleagues, I'd rather not have something as eye-catching as the vernis. Just so you know, I do own a vernis clutch, so I'm not totally against the vernis stuff, either--I just don't bring that clutch to the workplace. This concern might not apply to you, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

    So again, choose which bag you'd rather have, and there's your answer. Good luck!
  15. 2nd becuase the vernis wallet is just so stunning :drool: