If this bag is.....

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  1. Just like the title,
    if this bag is $879
    is it a steal or not?:tdown::tup:
    would you get it or not?:tdown::tup:


  2. Its cute but I wouldn't pay $879 for it. This would be a bag I would watch for in the outlets
  3. you mean, they do give further discount?
  4. I have never been to the outlets myself but there are alot of guys and gals on the forum that have gotten some pretty nice things there for nice prices. All that said there is no guarantee that this bag will be there. IMO anything under $1,000.00 is a bargain...lol If you love it and you think you will get use out of it then go for it.
  5. thx jerzy girl, lol
    i've been drolling for this for long time
  6. Thats your answer....GET IT!!:yes:
  7. If you love it, go for it :smile:
  8. If you really like it and you have shopped around for a better price and this was the best, get it. But, please shop around first and find out the full retail. I'm pretty sure retail was more than $869 though. :tup:
  9. full retail is $1595
    and this was I found the best
    i'm really thank you guys for being so sweet lol
    I ordered it yesterday
  10. kevlovlevis, i agree with howardu09! and congrats on getting it! i think it's a pretty bag :smile:
  11. thank you....
    i will post the pic once i get it
  12. YAY!!! i read that you were droooling over this bag and YES $879 is totally a steal if it were originally $1595...plus, didn't you say you were drooooooolin? I'm happy you got the bag because in most cases that i've read, women often times miss out on an oppertunity like this. Yes, please post pics once you get it. Congrats to you new bag :biggrin:, kinda feel your excitement because this is definitely a bargain!
  13. oh HECK YEA!!!!! Hysteria leather is scrumptious and anything under $1000 is a steal! Not to mention that's a very pretty color! I don't see it very often...so it's a GO!!! BUY IT! :tup:
  14. That is a good buy. It retailed for 1600!!!
  15. I wouldn't b/c it's metallic leather. My gucci shoes made of the same leather and metallic coating wore off in one wear. Which is pretty amazing considering my metallic leather Kors sandals that I paid $25 for on sale have been going strong for two years now and no issues.