If they decide to do this to handbag SAs, we'll all be in big trouble...

  1. Omg... I love this idea! I'm curious to see what will happen if they pull this stunt in NM or Saks. :lol:
  2. Did they do this for a reason? Or just to prove that they could and/or for a 'joke'. If it's the latter, frankly, it seems a bit lame and pointless to me, sorry! :huh:
  3. lol, as a best buy employee, all i can say is that i would be so irritated. it wasn't even to prove a point, i think they're just an improv group, which is totally lame. i might be more willing to consider their point of view if they were protesting, like, consumer culture or something. it would be funny for a little while, but at a certain point, i think they cross over in to annoying. we're just trying to run our store, ya know? how would you like it if someone came in to your office and disrupted for a prolonged period?
  4. I thought that was pretty funny. That Best Buy store must be HUGE thought to be able to have 80 non-employees in there and not really have 2-3 or even 4 employees in one aisle (I also noticed the escalator).
  5. That's kind of lame.

    interesting to bring up though! :smile:
  6. wow-VERY entertaining to see!LOL!
  7. Funny....perhaps someone (or people) with a little too much time on their hands.
  8. That was silly.
  9. As I was reading this, I was looking for the part where they explain why they did this. I was thinking they went through all that trouble for a reason. Once I realized this was some sort of prank that didn't have a purpose, I got bored and stopped reading.
  10. So there's no point to this? I kept reading, and reading, hoping to see the point of this whole thing.:wacko:
    Oh well, people do have too much time. heheheh.
  11. I wonder if the "agents" got paid? There must be something to get 80 people showed up!
  12. that was kinda pointless and weird
  13. Yeah I kept thinking there was a point to this. I got bored and frankly irritated. Apparently some people just have too much time on their hands. Thanks for bringing this up though, I wouldn't have known how lame some people can be had it not been this post. :lol:
  14. I thought it was pretty funny, though I can understand the management being freaked out.