If These Clothes Could Talk ??

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  1. Do you have something in your closet that has a great story ? You just carn't part with it because of the memory ?

    About nine years ago my boyfriend at the time and I were invited to a friends wedding. I was wearing this gorgeous strappy black silk gown by Donna Karen. ( bought on sale ) Anyway My boyfriend and I are on the dance floor showing off our Saturday Night Fever moves to a cheering crowd.
    unbeknownst to me my dress straps had snapped one by one, my Boyfriend grabbed and dragged me off the dance floor holding my dress.
    Anyway It was hilarious, I never got the dress fixed.

    Everytime I look at that dress I have to smile. :P

    How about you ?
  2. Great topic!

    Last October my husband and I attended the wedding of a college friend. He was an attendent in the wedding, where I was just a guess. The reception was held in a swanky hotel ball room. Of course, we had a room there for the night and my children were with the in-laws. I had purchased not one, but two cute black dresses for the event. After the ceremony, I was waiting by myself at the reception for my husband to arrive with the wedding party. I was a bit nervous since I did not know anyone that was not in the wedding party. Also, I had not seen my hubby in a few days since I was back home with the kids and he was two hours away for the rehearsal (sp) dinner, etc.

    Long story short, my husband saw me in this little black dress and went nuts. We snuck up to our hotel room and "got busy" and were able to make it back down in time for the main course. I know this sounds cheesy, but it was very memorable. Now whenever I see that little black dress hanging in my closet, I get chills!!! :love:
  3. Awww I love that story. How long have you been married?
  4. 10 years this past October. We have a 3 and a 4 year old so needless to say, we grab romance whenever we can!!!!!!!!!! I met my hubby in college and and I am smitten as ever!!
  5. Both your stories are great:biggrin: !

    My two actually go together...this black French Connection t-shirt with graphic print,and a red canvas Kipling camera-style bag which is now very,very battered...

    Both of these "pieces" have travelled all over the world with me on my backpacking trips...I have pics of the three of us in Thailand,Vietnam,Cambodia,South Africa,Scandinavia,the UK,South America....I could go on :lol: :lol: :lol: .

    They are both really looking the worse for wear and I've lost the primate off the Kipling bag,but I cannot throw them away...though i don't think they'll be travelling again LOL.
  6. Oh, I love those moments! :love::lol:
  7. I have a pair of cargo pants that I wore like twice before the butt ripped wide open while I was in Zambia. I duct taped them and wore them for the next month :lol: you get resourceful when you're overseas on a limited wardrobe.
    I even got them cleaned at a resort place and the tape stayed on. They're in my drawer still, I haven't worn them since but they're a fond memory.
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: Makes a great story and memory though,eh?
  9. Oh gracious me !!!! :shame: