If there's one T.V. show you can't miss...

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  1. What is it and why can't you miss it?
  2. 24 :nuts: So much happens in one episode, if I miss one I'm completely lost the next week. Yesterday's episode was so good!
  3. grey's anatomy, i'm in love with dr. mcdreamy! :love:
  4. I love 24, too! But I am seriously frustrated with how things have been playing out recently!

    I am also a closet American Idol fanatic....:shame:

    Family Guy, House, and Lost are also favorites!
  5. Nip/Tuck
    julian mcmahon is so TASTY!
  6. DD and I watch Gilmore Girls.....we were watching Wildfire but that's over; DH and I watch Sopranos; I love Will & Grace, The Ghost Whisperer, and What Not To Wear!
  7. Sopranos, Nip Tuck, Real world Key West, and OPRAH! AND reruns of Melrose place, and 90210. (sad I know)
  8. sunshine-then me and you both on the 90210 reruns on the SOAP network :lol: it's just about getting good too with the brenda-dylan thing ;)
  9. ^ I just love that damn show!!!! :smile:
  10. me too! i even went to meet jason priestley in bloomies ny when he was advrtising for pepe jeans years ago-he was so damn hot with luke perry :love: gosh i'm so pathetic!
  11. Intervention
    The Young & The Restless
    Bold & The beautiful
    Family plots
    Fashion shows on The Style Network.

    Forgot !!!! The First 48
  12. The OC! It's the best show ever and the previews for the following week are always so anticipating.
  13. I would have done the same thing! I was watching toris new show last night..it was kind of funny...I love seeing them doing well as adults. Andrea Zuckerman drives me CRAZY...as a teenager and more so as an adult!!! I forgot to mention Intervention as well. That show has me hooked...:evil:
  14. I'm hooked on American Idol! Embarrassing to admit since I'm in my 30's. It's on tonight.
  15. Gilmore Girls and Lost. I have class both nights that those shows are on, and I have to tape them! I can't miss either (although Gilmore Girls is kind of stinky this season).