If there isn't a thread on this, we need to start one...

  1. How about a thread where each size of b-bag is photograhed with it's contents laying around it, so we could see how much you can actually fit inside? And it would be best if you don't normally fill your bag full, to find some extra things (hairbrush, umbrella, etc.) to make the bag full, that way we can see exactly how much can fit inside.

    We could call the thread "B-Bag size and capacity examples" or something like that.

    I have a first and a box, so I'd be able to photograph those.

    Does anyone else think this is a good idea? If this has already been done, it needs a sticky because I've never seen it.
  2. Sounds like a good idea actually. People are always wondering how much you can fit in each size/style. I think this is a good one. :yes:
  3. I love love love this thread idea. It needs to be "stickied". I think you should start LoriB. Once I get all my babies I will post photos
  4. Well, this is halfway there. I took this a little while back cos I thought my bag was quite full, compared to what's normally in there.

    Picture 001.jpg

    Picture 007.jpg

    Don't have one of the individual contents, but there's a wallet, clutch that I use to carry make-up, first-aid stuff, pain meds etc, umbrella, sunglasses case, cell phone, a cheap fabric tote that I use to cover the bag up if I have to put it somewhere dirty (floor, for example). There was also a file folder with paperwork in it, but I handed that in at uni before I took the picture.

    Didn't have it that day, but I often have a bottle of juice/water in there - there was still plenty of room for it.

    Oh! And my pencil case too - the fat beige thing in the foreground. Can't believe I forgot that.:shame:

    Picture 008.jpg

    Picture 009.jpg

    ETA: I was bored, so I took a picture of all the stuff layed out. I could also fit an A4 notebook and a bottle of juice/water.
  5. What style is that English?
  6. ^^ Whoops - I knew I forgot something. Its a City.
  7. That's what I thought but it kind of looked like a first. :smile:
  8. A City? Wow! It does not look like it can hold all that stuff I am shocked and amazed.
  9. Its very soft and squishy, not rigid, so it'll hold more than you'd expect. I was using it as a school bag briefly. Doesn't quite fit large books (;)), but everything else I needed fits in there just fine. She's my workhorse.:love:
  10. ENGLISH GIRL!!!! i do that tooo.. ie: bring along an extra cheap fabric bag to cover my designer bags in case it rains or if i have to put bags on the floorrrr.. hehehe =)
  11. What kind of fabric bag? That is such a good idea!!!!
  12. ^^ It was a free one they were giving away in the train station one morning - promotion for a hair-care product. But any cheap bag would work as long as its big enough. :shame:
  13. This is a great thread!! I request pics of the box please :yes: :yes:
  14. english girl I looooove your apple B bag! soooo gorgeous
  15. Great pics english_girl! I too put a fabric tote bag in mine just in case I need to set it down on the floor or if it rains! My friend looked at me funny once when I busted out the aloha rag canvas bag to put my City in when it rained while we were shopping. :shame: