If the reserve is not met?

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  1. If the reserve ends up not being met (because you didn't know what it was in the first place), is the seller able to contemplate whether or not they want to sell the item at the highest bid? For example, if the secret reserve price was 300, and the highest bid ended up being $295. So can the seller still decide whether or not to give it to the highest bidder close at 295, or does ebay automatically cancel the entire thing any consideration from the seller. I have always been curious about this. TIA!
  2. i believe the seller could send a second chance auction to any of the bidders. Been so long since i used a reserve. lol
  3. If the reserve isn't met the seller doesn't have to sell it
    it goes into the sellers unsold list and it is up to the whether they send a second chance offer the the highest bidder or they relist the item altogether
    reserve prices tend to be quite high compared to the original listing price
    instead of using reserve prices I just have BIN with best offer
    I find its easier to get the price I want for an item that way since you can also have an automatic decline price
    Its only $0.50 to list that way but the final value fees are slightly higher since its BIN
  4. Ahh, very helpful! Thnx!!!
  5. ^ i agree.
    BIN with best offer is the way to go :tup:
  6. Also I've asked sellers directly what their reserve is and don't understand why some refuse to disclose this info? What if I want to meet it? One person said she wanted to be fair in the auction so she wouldn't tell me.
  7. I don't get reserves :shrugs:

    If I see a listing with a reserve, I don't watch it or bid. Because I know that it's probably not going to get me a good deal. At least with BIN, I can consider the deal. But with a reserve, I don't even know what I'm considering.
  8. Lol. :P

    Well, with a reserve, all you can really do is throw down your max bid and hope for the best.