if the LV boutique only has 1 left of the colour/style...

  1. do you buy it?
    or do you ask the boutique to bring another one in (that hasn't been touched)?
    or do you just go to another boutique?

    How does one handle this situation gracefully and diplomatically ?

    I only ask because I was hanging around the boutique yesterday and behold the Nomade Speedy was out for me to touch and do general ooogling with. I was all over the bag, and so was the SA (no gloves by the way).

    She then mentions this is the only one in the store.

    Would you have bought it or made sure you got anotherthem ?
  2. It depends...

    If I really like it and there's no marks, stains or scratches on the bag, I will buy it.
    If I found that there're some imperfect spots, I will ask them to have a new one and call me when it's arrived.

  3. I bought a Damier Ludlow that was the last in the store but only because there were no marks/signs of wear on it. If it was obvious that it had been out for awhile I would've aske to have them transfer another one or call me when another one came in. I would not pay the amt. that LVs cost for anything less than brand-new.