If the Knightsbridge is boring, what shall I get??

  1. Just read the blog entry about the Knightsbridge and am disappointed to hear that the vast majority of you find it a bit dull and uninspired :crybaby:I've been lusting after a Mulberry for aaaages and finally settled on this design. But I don't want to buy it if it's boring LOL :shrugs:

    So I wondered, as I'm a bit of a newbie, and don't know *all* the styles inside out, would some of you experts be able to make a suggestion of which bag I should get?

    I'm not a huge fan of the classic styles eg the Bayswater, I *do* like the Roxanne and Blenheim except one's too big and one's too small, and I also like the Phoebe except it's sooo heavy (and my sister has one - gah!)

    Many thanks:flowers:
  2. This is a tricky one. I agree that the Knightsbridge is pretty boring, it certainly wouldn't be my first choice.
    My advice would be, first decide which type of leather you'd like. Are you happy with the weight of Darwin or do you prefer the lightness and smoothness of the new Mabel collection or the Hanover & Havana.
    Then there's design - do you want classic or trendy?
    Then what colour do you want - when are you going to be using this bag and what for?
    Make a list and then hit the shops that stock Mulberry and try some out.
    Hope that helps.
  3. what about a rosemary , in between the roxy and blenheim , with shoulder strap ?
  4. How about a mulberry annie - it's a shoulder bag like the knightsbridge and phoebe. Here's a piccie of mine in oak - it also comes in chocolate and black darwin ( or natural tan as they now call it!)

    smaller still.jpg
  5. Re the leather, I like the 'bobbly' leather:p Is that the Darwin leather? I completely forgot, I *adore* the new Mabel range especially the purple one, but I don't like the leather finish on it, I know I'd scratch it to buggery:sad: I've seen it in red bobbly, but I'd rather have a less bright colour, but not brown or black - difficult aren't I?:roflmfao:

    In my dream world I'd buy a purple bobbly leather Mabel - do you think they'd make me one to order?:nuts:

    Ooh I like the Rosemary, apart from the shoulder strap. And I quite like the Annie but it's a bit too boxy for me.

    Oh noooo I sound really fussy, am so grateful for your help!!! xxx
  6. Maybe you should browse e-bay and mulberry.com to get an idea of all the different bags and leathers there are and then take a trip to a store to see them IRL !
  7. Good advice from Jo. I really like the look of the new Somerset hobo that's coming out in mid-Sept. I don't like structured bags which is why I've the Soho, Araline etc in my Mulberry collection. Soho's leather is quite 'bobbly' and it's hobo shaped, not boxy.
    The Phoebe isn't bobbly but it's curvy and a classic looking bag but you do have to be able to cope with its weight!
    I'd have a good look on the website and then go and see the bags IRL. I'm sure when you try them you'll know what you love and it'll be fun finding that perfect bag.
  8. Well, if you like the Knightsbridge and fell in love for it than you should buy it. I think we shouldn't buy a bag because other people like it, we should buy a bag because WE love it.
    BTW, I don't find the Knightsbridge is boring, it's just not my kind of bag (too many studs)