If the fedEx man says he's coming at a certain time do they come???

  1. Hi guys,
    I bought some things from eluxury and the fedEx webpage said that it will get here to Los Angeles tomorrow Friday at 3:00. Do you think they will keep their promise? I have had packages delivered but not always at the same time they promised! Now I am so worried because I won't be home at that time! What should I do????:Push: :Push:
  2. I think arrival times are just estimates so I wouldn't count on the package arriving at that time. If you got it overnight or 2/3-day delivery, it's possible that eLux had the package sent for "afternoon delivery" (as oppsed to the 10am delivery which costs more) and so that's why the estimate would be at 3pm. If you don't mind picking up the package from a Fedex facility, you can probably call the toll free number and tell them so and they'll hold it for you. I don't think they will let you redirect the package until they actually tried to deliver it and no one was home to sign for it.

    By the way, my mind is in the gutter because the title of the thread made me smirk.
  3. they dont usually come on time.
    its like the cable guy. they say the will come between 8-12 and they come at 2. call fedex... and if you have the tracking number, you can insist on them letting you to pick it up. For example, I am always worried that they will leave it on the door and somebody will steal it. Tell Fedex that.... so at least they will not leave the package, and you can pick it up at the end of the day.
  4. Chinchilla-- LMFAO!!! You are so funny!! I didn't even think of it like that until u said something!! LOL
  5. heh dirty minds. It probably depends on the driver (ohh boy lol) but around my way they drop off packages at like 9am! Even if its not morning delivery. But generally its before the time posted on the tracking page, atleast for me.
  6. Chinchilla, you have a dirty mind girl!!!!!!! LOL!!! Just kidding! If I call them can they re try to deliver it later? Because I don't drive so I can't go pick it up at their facility! I had put for express delivery from eluxury. Oh my gosh, hopefully it comes early!!
  7. I don't think they can deliver it later that same day because the driver follows a certain route, and when he/she arrives at your house totally depends on how many deliveries are scheduled before yours and they don't double back on the routes. If you can't go pick up the package, try calling Fedex and see if they will let you reroute the package to your work or wherever it is convenient for you. There's a good chance they won't let you do that until the first delivery attempt was made, though. You should also call and make sure that the package requires a signature so the package won't be left at your house.
  8. As long as there is a signature required, they wont be able to leave it on the front door. you can't pickup the package unless the shipper specifically stated you could HOWEVER you CAN pick it up after an attempted delivery has been made
  9. The arrival time is just an estimate. When I had something from Coach shipped to my dad's house so he could ship it to me, the FedEx tracking said that it would be there at 4:30pm, but it actually ended up arriving at noon...They just left it in front of my dad's door
  10. my experience with fedex is that you can depend on them not arriving when they say they will. they have you where they want you and they don't put themselves out.

    i'm a little biased about this topic since it never fails that when i am expecting something it never arrives when expected. what really makes my blood boil is when you are told you will have to sign for it and then it is just left on the porch.

    sorry for the rant. in the scheme of things this is not a biggie. queen
  11. Estimates only. They haven't come at the time they siad they would....ever!
  12. fed ex usually delivers earlier than the estimated time of arrival for me. i was supposed to get my elux package at 3pm too but it came at 11:30! :smile:
  13. ^Hopefully SaraI get it earlier!!
  14. fed ex sucks I don't trust them in tmer sof actually getting things to me when I'm actualoly home ie when they say they will deliver it.

    but at least with fed ex i do know i will eventually get whatever it is i ordered
  15. Fed ex also depends on the type of delivery specified. They have overnight delivery by 8:00am, by 10:30am, or by 3:00 pm. So, it depends on the way the shipper shipped it out. Also, ground goes differently too, that will just depend on when the driver is usually around your area on his route.

    For example, whenever I order something from Elux, I always order overnight by 10:30. I know my driver is around my house on his route around 10:00am, so I know that's when he'll usually get here and he usually does.