IF Stud Muffin

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  1. I got to feel and touch and lift a green IF Stud Muffin at Bergdorf's today. I was already intending to cancel my pre-order and I went right ahead and did it! Compared to my Quilty Pleasures, the Stud Muffin was heavy and stiff. And I think the studding is a bit 'over the top'.

    I'd be curious for other eye-witness opinions as these start to appear in stores!
  2. I have ordered two stud muffins (black and cream) and I think I will cancel the black. I was finally able to find the quilty pleasure from ebay for $810. but it won't arrive until January. I also bought the metal of honor in green for $575. from the same seller. I think she must work for Neiman's or another department store to get such good deals because of coure they're the real thing.
  3. ^^ Tell me about the Stud Muffin vis a vis the Quilty Pleasures when you have them both in hand. I'm really curious!
  4. Do you think it might soften up with use? I have one on preorder in dark brown...but am getting nervous now as I have never seen one in "person." :suspiciou
  5. You got my curiousity up...as I have been researching this bag lately. I found out that the preorder ones for January are different than the original ones....they are more of a shiny metallic finished leather, called quiltrip. The gal I spoke with said the original ones are more of a matte finish. I wonder how these will look? hmmm.
  6. nks for telling me this. I will email the seller right away and cancel. I want the original mate finish bag. Anyone have one they want to get rid of?
  7. Pictures, anyone? I want to see the bag.:P
  8. This is the mint one I saw at BG yesterday. The leather does have a bit of sheen to it...more than my QP ever did. AND the leather is stiffer than my QP was -- I can't say how it will soft up over time. I wonder if all those studs will inhibit or aid softening?

    I had the cream on pre-order. I cancelled it and 'used' the money to buy this beauty from Saks with the promotion they are having today -- free shipping and gift card..... (its the white bag on the far right of the catalog page).

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  9. Oh i LOVE that green bag!! Its so cute !! :lol:
  10. I like this color! :biggrin:

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  11. But...ya' see how they both have that sheen.....
  12. well I canceled both the brown and the black but kept the cream which should arrive any day. The gal I bought the quilty pleasure from promises me that it is 2005, model, matte leather and not the new one they are coming out with. That is the bag I covet. at least this week
  13. You'll have to tell me what it looks like. The store I had my pre-order with got the bags in today. Only my cancelled bag was available. But I'm sure it sold in the first day to some lucky girl. Otherwise, I'd go visit the store just to see it.
  14. That's great! You got a great deal. :biggrin:

    I wonder though where her "source" got it from...I talked to the IF co. directly today, and they are no where to be found. :sad:
  15. It might still be there...I saw all three colors today at Mission Viejo mall. The green at Saks, and the green, cream and brown at Nordstrom....no one even looking at them really. I am seriously doubting that bag now that I have seen it in person...I was concerned preorder about the scallops that are all over on the bag, and now in person they are what is making me hesitant all over again. The scallops are bigger than what I had imagined...and the back of them are lined with plastic! At first I thought all the scallops were plastic (or vinyl), but with closer inspection, they have vinyl "supports" on them so they don't flop. That bothered me. Also, like Issmom reported, the bag is stiffer than the Quilty or the Audra. As far as colors go, I liked the cream and the brown....the green was horrible, IMO.:sick:

    That said....I tried on the Metal of Honor Carina again in brown at Saks....It's starting to grow on me....what's the consensus on how long this style of Carina will be able to be worn? It was quite comfy, and not as heavy as I remember it to be. The Ingrid was lighter....so perhaps comparing the two the Carina seemed too heavy at the time....hmmm....:wacko:

    I feel like Meg now....if i remember correctly a few blogs back she changed her mind and fessed up about her opinion on the denim LV's. :P