If Stealing Wasn't A Crime & Just Plain Wrong..

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  1. If you could nab just one, and ONLY one bag from another tPFer's collection, which bag and from whose collection? If you have any elaborate burglary plans to make your theft happen, please feel free to post them too!

    Now...if I could just remember who :sweatdrop:recently got that natural Barenia Birkin...that would be my score...
  2. i would go to cb's house and steal her barenia kelly. the problem is i'd see the puppies and stand there saying "weiner's up!" over and over and clapping and giggling like an idiot so long that either the police would show up or cb would come home.

    i am not destined for a life of crime. sigh.
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Hmmm. I would steal the 35cm Rouge H Chevre Birkin with PHW from whoever it was who grabbed it (wisely) when I was unable to do so!! And if that involved wearing a black catsuit, complete with ears and tail, and pulling a whole Mission Impossible hanging from the ceiling on a wire, and extensive espionage-like activities, so be it. For that bag, she makes me crazy.
  4. Katel's, Ostrich raisin Bolide!! :smile:
  5. Would love to nab a 35 matt black croco Birkin with gold hardware.
  6. Natural barenia HAC. All the lucky ladies who have one should watch out :P
  7. Gosh, I have to narrow the stealing to just one PFer??!!
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. RC's Blue Brighton birkin that is lined in Rose Shocking.
  10. Jasperella´s 36 Rouge H Box Calf PH HAC
  11. I would go to Baggaholic;s house and steal her Miel Croco Birkin.
    HmmMm She is in Paris now....
    GOOD IDEA LUV2Shop!!
    No one tell on me Shhh.
  12. Definitely iovemylife's black croc kelly elan...but might accidentally grab a few..or several of her exotics while I'm there.:graucho:
  13. Oh, what a fun thread...but hard! ...but I think I'm going to have to wrestle with Minnie for Bagg's Miel croc....she's younger but I think I can take her!
    ....or do I run over to Shopmom's for her chevre 28 hac?...hmmm, or who has that raisin box hac with gh?...oh this is way too hard!
  14. i vote for ilovemylife's croc kelly elan too ...sigh, it's so beautiful!
  15. I was going to steal Katel's raisin ostrich Bolide or RC's 30 Birkin with BB/RS interior, but I see that I am too late.