If someone was looking for that Mono bag that fades to Blue with Blue leather ...

  1. I saw it in Zurich today.
    I can't remember what the thread was... but one of the girls here won one on eBay... and another member was annoyed that she missed out...
    Anyway... I saw that bag in the Zurich store... (i don't know whether it's limited or whatever) but since there seemed to be quite a lot of fuss over it... there is one available.
    John maybe u remember who the people were in that thread... if u can inform them ( be nice to see someone on here get it if it's so special...???

    Good luck
  2. HEy! did you get a picture of it? Also..I dont think Switzerland ships to US???
  3. I didn't take a pic... I saw it when I was leaving and remembered it from a thread here... it fades down to dark blue on the bottom( i think maybe it had blue croc leather(don't quote me on that my memory is bad)... someone else had posted pics but the search function does not work...
    I doubt they ship to US... but maybe u can arrange your own shipping...
  4. That is really nice of you to pass along this info, I agree I hope this story has a happy ending for all!
  5. I'd love to see pics of it. It sounds gorgeous!!
  6. Finally found the other thread!!!
    I'll let them know there...(it's not easy without a search
    Here is a pic from the other thread credit to H2Girl (her bag she won)