If someone sees a red jumbo classic flap PLEASE let me know

  1. I am hunting all over for this bag - i NEED IT

    If you see one in a store near you could you let me know and I will be on the case straight away

    Thanks sooooo much
  2. Me too! I really love and want this bag. Any info is appreciated. No eBay please. :smile:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  3. I am as well :heart:
  4. Me too! But I believe it is hopeless. We will have to wait until they come out with them again :sad:
  5. so glad I am not alone in all of this then! hee hee.

    Do you think they will bring them out again?
  6. I am as well:yes:
  7. I'm also looking for a red jumbo classic flap. I think at this point they're pretty much impossible to find though :sad:
  8. Im so dying for this Red jumbo classic flap. I prefer in silver HW.

    Hope they sell this again soon!
  9. It's a beauty, but it has been sold out for a while. I hope they bring it back as well.
  10. Yes the red is gorgeous! I wish you ladies luck in finding one. I don't really see many on eBay.
  11. Sigh, it would be gorgeous, but as noted, they are no longer for sale.