If someone made a mistake do they have to honor it?

  1. If you come across a store on the internet that is selling multiple items and just by chance you find an item that is supposed to be 2000.00 and they have it listed as 2.00 and you buy it, go through checkout and pay for it at that price...are they bound to that price? Is there any legal info anyone can give- cause I can't find any!!!
  2. ops, sorry, i can't help you. i've never been in this situation before. but i guess it needs to be solved with mutual understanding from the sellers to the buyers
  3. I think within reason. If say the price was 1500.00 then by law would have to honor it. But that much, I think the law actually protects retailers from on obvious huge descrepency like that.
  4. one time i had made a buy it now purchase and the next day the seller emails me and says that there was a mistake in the listing. the buy it now was $149.00 and the listing started at $99.00. I don't understand how they cannot check their listing before pressing submit. she then told ebay that the reason she could not honor the transaction was because she listed the wrong color which was an obvious lie. sorry to go off topic but just had to vent =)
  5. Well, I was looking for a gift in an online jewelry store when I came across a white gold 2 carat diamond bracelet marked at 2.00. When I put 100 of them in the cart and advanced to see if it would fix the price, my sub total came to 200.00 and shipping is free so my grand total is 200.00. When I proceeded after that, it takes me to the credit card part and asks for the 200.00 payment. I read their entire site, no disclaimers about price, no nothing that I could find on Google or Ask. My DH works for a retail chaina nd he told me that they are legally bound to honor something that has a price tag attached to it for the price on the tag but not if it isn't affixed to the actual item so I was just wondering.
  6. I would think that a handwritten price tag that you are physically able to touch and handle would be more binding than a computer-generated one on the internet. Mistyping something like that is still easier on a computer than generating it for a retail store- and some E-Commerce software can be wonky with where and how the digits need to be placed in order for the decimal to be in the desired spot.
    Sorry for so much info- but I really believe that they have no obligation to send you the merchandise. They will likely refund your card and let you know it's an error. Too bad- what a deal that would have been!
  7. Yes, I've been in a similar circumstance before and they gave me the option of paying the correct price or cancelling my order altogether. Because it was a typo/error, they didn't have to honor the price. I was kinda bummed as were many other people who also ordered the item. I can't remember where it was at, though, it was a couple years back. Someone had posted the low price on another online forum and we all went and bought it. lol.
  8. If they were intentionally trying to deceive you to do a "Bait and Switch", then yes it would be illegal. If it was an honest mistake, I doubt the law would rule against them.
  9. Well I wrote them an email alerting them to the mistake and also called their contact number and left a message. I placed the order for the gift I was originally there looking for and left a message at the bottom of it so someone will be made aware of the mistake before they have a million orders to deal with.
  10. I have no idea, but I would think that since it was their mistake than you should pay the price they had listed.
  11. I know that actual stores must honor the price, for example, if it is marked completely different than it is when it rings up, they have to give you the lower price.
  12. Legally, stores are not obliged to sell you to at all. (bait and switch is another matter) A seller is never obligated to part with their merchandise, and can refuse service for any number of reasons. In the eyes of the law, an advertised price is never considered a contract or guaranty to sell, but technically an invitation to the buyer to offer that amount in exchange for the goods being sold. Now, most stores have the "My Bad" policy, and will honor mismarked items (in my store, if a careless customer places a dress on the 50% off rack, we'll still usually honor the discount) but that is a matter of good customer relations more than anything else. You'd be hard-pressed to try and legally enforce any price markings, unless the seller had a history of intentionally misrepresenting merchandise.
  13. One time I was at the Gucci boutique and saw a belt marked $20.00 instead of $200.00 and when I told the SA that I wanted to buy it at that price, she yanked it out of my hands and ripped off the tag and said "what price?" :wtf:
  14. OH MY HECKS NO!!! ^^^ well i dont know if it is the same, but when you buy an airline ticket online, sometimes they misplace a decimal and a 2000 trip will be 200, or 200 will be 20, they have to honor the price, no matter what, it was on the news
  15. IBM listed a notebook for 139.50 instead of 1395.00, (in AUD$$) and a friend's friend brought 10 of them and resold it to other ppl and made heaps of money

    IBM had to honour it..but prob sack the data entry person..