If Socialites in NY carry Birkins, then what do socialites in France carry?

  1. I have a friend who attends various parties in Paris for l'Association Unite Capetienne including an award ceremony for book writers. She showed me some of the pictures:


    Most of them are titled nobility. They carry Chanel!
  2. lol! can't say i disagree with their choice ;)

  3. Me too!:yes:
  4. Judging by walking around Place Vendome and Rue due Fauborg Sainte-Honore', I saw equal amounts of Birkins and Chanel flaps. There were more Birkins during the day, and more Chanel flaps at night.

    Compared to Milan's Quadrangle, however, a majority of the ladies had Gucci or Prada bags and shoes day and night.
  5. I hope they don't mind their picture posted:nuts:
  6. Wow, those ladies are socialites?? They dress quite normal, not overly glamorous or anything. AND they wear Chanel? How interesting!! I must admit, seeing the same Birkin or Kelly shapes get REALLY boring and dull. Chanel definitely provides the variety of elegance.
  7. Does anyone carry Dior?
  8. I didn't notice alot of blatant logo bags or even Chanel or Birikin on any of my trips.
  9. classy classy classy

    thank you for posting.......................just goes to show how timeless and "royal" Chanel is
  10. L'actualite de l'Association Unite Capetienne

    You can find more of their pictures on this site. It's full of French socialites with Chanel. By the way, it is interesting that they do dress pretty normal and their website is pretty simple too.