if seller never respond in 7 day?

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  1. Dear All..

    i have problem with my purchase in ebay.
    week ago.. i bought item on ebay.

    after asking about item condition and shipping. i paid immediately.

    finally 2 week waiting.. item reach my house. but when i opened the package. item not as described.

    i try to contact seller before open case in ebay resolution center. seller never respond my email or my message..

    so immediately i open case via ebay and 5 day since open case in ebay. still got nothing from seller..

    ebay tell me that The seller has 7 days to respond the case..

    my question is.

    what happen next if seller never respond in 7 day..

    anyone have experience with this problem...

    sorry for my bad english

  2. Hi Sarah! Ebay Buyer Protections terms will vary, depending upon what ebay site you purchased on.

    For Ebay US Buyer Protection... http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/buyer-protection.html

    After 7 days, we'll ask you how it is going with the seller. If you tell us that the problem cannot be resolved between you and the seller, and your claim qualifies for and is covered by eBay Buyer Protection, eBay will refund your purchase price plus original shipping into your PayPal account.

    And your English is very good, my dear!
  3. yes my purchase from ebay US..

    thanks for the reply.. and making me quiet for a while..

    i'm afraid ebay will close my case automaticly if seller never respond.. because i can not find escalate to claim option in ebay resolution center.

    and this is my first time having problem with my purchase.
  4. Read the US Buyer Protection Agreement http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/buyer-protection.html. Concerning RESOLUTION, it says:

    Resolution of cases under the eBay Buyer Protection Policy

    Buyers who have been unsuccessful in resolving a problem directly with a seller can contact eBay via the Resolution Center. We will review the case, run a fraud check, and confirm where necessary that the buyer has already attempted to work with their seller. If the buyer is in good standing and the case meets the requirements of this policy, we will review additional transaction information to determine if the case is ready for resolution. For example, we may review the messages sent between the buyer and seller through eBay's messaging system. Depending upon the nature of the case, resolution may not be proper at that time. For example, if the item is still in transit, we may ask the buyer to wait.

    If the case is ready to be resolved, eBay will contact the seller about the case. The seller will have 7 days (or 10 days, in case the transaction is cross border) to respond to the claim. There may be circumstances that warrant eBay’s acceleration of the resolution of the case. If the case is based on an "item not received" claim, then a resolution would include:
    Responding to the case by providing proof of delivery (for items valued over $250, we also require signature confirmation)
    Coming to an agreement with the buyer to send the item or a replacement item
    Refunding the buyer up to the full transaction amount
    If the case is based on an "item not as described" case, the resolution would include:
    Responding to the case by providing proof to eBay that the item was described properly (for example, providing documentation that supports "original," "first edition," or similar claims)
    Agreeing to send a replacement item after the buyer returns the original, if this is what the buyer would prefer
    Refunding the buyer up to the full transaction amount
    Unless resolution of the case is accelerated, after 7 days (or 10 days in the case that the transaction is cross border), eBay will check with the buyer to see if they are satisfied. If the buyer is satisfied, the case is closed. If we don't hear back from the buyer within an appropriate time, we won't refund them or hold the seller accountable for the transaction. If the buyer is still working with the seller or does not respond, we'll check back in another week.

    If the buyer informs eBay that no resolution has been reached, eBay will review the case. If we find "item not received" cases in the buyer's favor, eBay will refund the cost of the item and original shipping to the buyer. If we resolve "item not as described" cases in the buyer's favor, we will in most circumstances ask the buyer to return the item to the seller which will be at the buyer's expense (unless eBay opts to pay for return shipping). Once the item has been returned to the seller, eBay will refund the cost of the item and original shipping to the buyer.

    Refunds will be made with a PayPal credit. Buyers with an active PayPal account will simply log in to PayPal to claim the refund. Buyers without a PayPal account will be asked to create one with their eBay registered email address to claim the refund. Full details on PayPal accounts can be found in the PayPal User Agreement. If in the unlikely event we are unable to send refunds to a PayPal account, we may provide refunds in another form, including a voucher redeemable for purchases on eBay. Refunds will not be made in any other manner.

    If the seller resolves the case by refunding the buyer after the case is opened but before the buyer contacts eBay further, eBay will credit the seller’s final value fee for the sale automatically. If the buyer did not pay using PayPal, we’ll confirm the refund with the buyer before returning the final value fee to the seller. The insertion fee and other fees will not be refunded. For claims where a determination is made against the seller by eBay, the seller will not receive a refund on his or her PayPal or eBay fees associated with the transaction.

    ALSO HERE http://pages.ebay.com/help/buy/resolving-problems.html

    If your issue hasn't been resolved, you should ask Customer Support for help within 20 days of opening the case. If eBay doesn't hear from you in 20 days, the case is automatically closed. Once your case has been closed by you or eBay, it can't be reopened.

    You can also use the CONTACT EBAY on the right of the web pages linked to contact ebay about accelerating your case if seller does not respond.