If Santa could bring you one thing for Christmas..

  1. ...what would it be?

    I saw this over in the LV forum, and I wanted to hear from the MJ girls!

    For me, it would be...

    MJ Quilted Elise (non-patent) in white chiffon or black (or both!)

  2. ooh, so many choices! i'd probably say either a stam (black or the new carbon blue), quilted zip bowler, or this pretty thing, whose name i don't know:
  3. A Trish or a Hudson, in any color!:smile:
  4. I like the bal Harbour satchel too! Except I won't be having Xmas this year... I'll be out of the country... and I'll miss all the sales too!:sad:
  5. trish or if thats too expensive for santa baby, then that little flap under 1000.
  6. All your choices are very nice in real life. =)
    This pretty thing is called Bal Harbour (the style name is the same as the line), the color in the picture is Eggshell. It's available in Black, Eggshell (cream), Moccassin (brown), Army Green, Canary (yellow), Turquoise (not as bright as the actual color turquoise).

    The quilted zip bowler is called Emily (from Mixed Quilted Leather line), it's available in Black, Plum, Truffle, Oatmeal. The leather is very soft. =)

    My good friend loves Bal Harbour in Canary, but she doesn't like the chain (she prefers the chain from Stam). She also likes Emily as well. They are both pretty styles from this season. =)
  7. ^ Ooops, getting forgetful. The bag in the picture is Satchel from Bal Harbour line. All the colors are correct. =)
  8. Definately a hudson.... color won't matter!
  9. ah, thank you :smile: how did i know you'd have all of that info at your fingertips?! ;)
  10. Oh so many MJ items are on my list...

    I would love a quilted bowler in the smaller size, in black leather. I wouldn't mind getting a Stam either (despite my past troubles...I must stop reading any thread with the word "Stam" in it). And, I am really loving the Bal Harbour bag - I saw them last night and they were TDF!
  11. I'm going to say the Trish. I've been hinting to my BF about it. My SA at Nordies better come through when he calls her asking about what to get me.
  12. An older MJ bag... called the Dr. Satchel (I believe...) in bordeaux... *sigh*
  13. Everyone's wishes are making me want to add even more MJ items to my list! Good thing I've been a very good girl this year!

    Keep 'em coming ladies!

    Still crossing my fingers for the Elise...must have the Elise...
  14. I totally understand what you're going through. I've been dropping MAJOR hints that I want something from MJ for a combo birthday/Christmas gift. I've been hinting that I wouldn't mind getting ONE awesome present, rather than two nice presents ;) (gosh, don't I sound SO spoiled?). Good luck!
  15. marclover, elise: white chiffon! i personally think the patent is very attractive for elise because of its structured style. midnight patent elise... YUM