If RM made a special "limited" edition bag for TPF....

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  1. ...what style bag would you want and what color? Remember this would be a special order so it could be any color!!! (This is of course hypothetical!!!)
  2. RM MAM in Pearl! (see kristin cavalarri in girls on the RM site)

    Custom made bags would be really nice. Like choosing our own hardware, lining, etc...
  3. I really love Balenciaga because of all their cool colors, so maybe a MAB or Elisha in Balenciaga's Blue India or LE NM edition blue! I also really like Kristin Cavalarri's Pearl MAB! I would also love the bags to have silver hardware, and the leopard lining!! :tup:
  4. WOW my dream bag for RM??? I don't know, I think I have to work on getting all the ones I have before I start wishing up new colours and styles!
  5. I would like a MAB in a really dark shade of teal with silver hardware and tassels with a pretty floral stamp. Sigh.... :girlsigh:
  6. A purple, wine or stone basketweave MAB/MAM. I would get all three if I could!
  7. I rhink I would go with a teal shade as well, but a vibrant purple would also be nice:yes:
  8. omg a purple basketweave!! i would die.
  9. For me, it would be the Oxblood MAM or MAB Hobo with silver hardware. ***LUST!****
  10. OMG!! I can totally picture this!!! Or maybe the 05 turq balenciaga..in Nikki style!!!
  11. all these suggestions are yummy. I'd die for a purple and stone basketweave
  12. PURPLE! Basketweave! RM MAM....PERFECTION!!!:yahoo:
  13. I'd love a turquoise or teal or something in a stamp! I've only seen sage with the stamp design.
  14. i would love the dark teal with silver hardware sounds like a winner
  15. I would die for a purple or wine basketweave. like. wow. now that I think about it.... the stone basketweave would look hot too!

    circoit - great choices!!!