IF quilty pleausre wallet

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  1. :P It looks like the seller lowered the BIN to 155! I am watching it too because I think it would go great with the Audra if I ever find one! I am resorting to ebay now for it too
  2. I was just looking at this again.....did it used to say free shipping? Now it says it's $13.00....I shipped a huge Alexia bag (packed with lots of stuffing, bubble wrap, etc...so it was pretty heavy) back to Hawaii for $16, priority! And that was with confirmation and $500 insurance.

    If you do decide to get it....read the one negative they have...it was something about shoddy shipping, if I remember correctly. :unsure:
  3. Check this out....this was made to go with the Audra....it has the whip stitching, etc.! I *think* the wallet on eBay is a quilty pleasures one...to match that style of bag. Annnndddd..... no tax or shipping on anything over $100, two day UPS priority. :nuts:

    BTW, this is at Adasa.com, which has been GREAT to deal with regarding my IF purchases.
  4. How come it looks so shiny or is that the pic? I wanted a longer wallet but I did consider that one. I am not a big fan of the buckle.
  5. It must be the flash....but the Audra is a treated leather, so it is shiny.
  6. really cute