IF Quilt Trip Carina in pearl or brown

  1. As usual, can't decide between colors. And anyone who has one, is the leather really stiff??

  2. I like the darker color myself...more versatile IMO.

    I have the Sweet Dreams hobo in black and it's relatively stiff leather (doesn't act very 'hobo-ish' and slouchy, if that makes any sense) :amuse: .
  3. like the darker color.
  4. Thanks for your opinions guys. I've been wanting this bag for a while but have never seen it in real life. Now I'm having 2nd thoughts if the leather is "stiff"
  5. I'm not an IF expert but I would imagine the stiffness might vary depending on the style? My hobo is more of a "U" shape and is small, so it doesn't really fold/pleat in the fabulous way that the one in your pic does. I think it's a great choice!
  6. I tried on at Saks. It's pretty big, fairly stiff, and quite heavy. Other than that it's a stunning bag. You could really pile in the stuff, and maybe the leather will soften up over time. I am used to big bags though, so the beauty factor would over-ride the weight or size. BTW....the brown is beautiful.

    On the other hand I have an IF embellished Nikki which is a gorgeous bag and the leather is almost too soft. It's Lambskin and I am scared to death of scratching or scuffing it. I just want to touch and pet it all day, it's so darn soft. My sister says "Baaaa" to me when I wear it :sad:
  7. I saw this bag in white recently--it's gorgeous but it weighs a ton. I pulled all the stuffing out and the empty IF bag was actually heavier than my fully loaded B-bag. Such a great bag, but it would definitely be a work-out carrying this one.

    P.S. Of the two colors I prefer the pearl, but I would probably choose the brown because light bags get dirty too fast.