If purchased from elux, where was your mono pochette accessories made?

  1. I got one thats made in usa. Does elux carry made in france or spain mono pochette accessories too or only Made in USA?
  2. I just recently got one from the boutique and mine is made in the USA.
  3. I think most elux mono are made in USA? I know the speedies are.
  4. I don't know if this 100% counts as mono, but my perfo pochette from eLux is made in Spain.
  5. Eluxury is the distribution center for all the stores on the continent. If you want a purse that is manufactured in a certain country. You would have to go to the LV boutique to hand select your bag. Many of the smaller items such as wallets and clutches are all manufactured here or Spain. But if you went overseas you have a better chance of purchasing certain items made in the mother country. Then mostly likely small items and certain Limited Edition items are manufactured in Spain, Italy, and of France.
  6. all of my elux stuff came from france and italy.
  7. :yes:
    That said, most of my pieces from elux were made in Spain.
  8. I've only bought 1 thing from eLuxury, and I was lucky enough for it to be made in France!
  9. Mine is made in Spain :smile:
  10. I bought mine a couple of years ago at a boutique, its made in France.
  11. I bought my mono pochette accesories from Eluxury in 2001 and it was made in the USA.
  12. I think most elux LV items are made in the USA