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  1. I had a puppy! While I was browsing the COACH website, I saw the pet accessories... this is seriously the cutest leash! Love it!
  2. I'd be afraid to use it on my dog! She has a collar now and it gets dirty from scratching/etc. I'd cry if that happened lol.
  3. I'd put it on my cats....but they'd probably attack me in my sleep to get me back. :rolleyes:

  4. my rexy poo has this collar!!!

  5. ^^^LOL.. you gals are funny... if I had a yorkie (which I REALLY RELALY WANT), I'd definitely put it on her! too cute!
  6. awww, too cute candace! I LOVE this collar, your dog looks so adorable w/it! sportin the coach, gotta love it! :P
  7. I dont have a dog or cat , but I am seriously thinking about getting one for my sisters dog.
  8. Awww how adorable!
  9. Omg!!! I am adoring the hydrant!!! Soooooooo precious!
  10. I bought the same collar for both my dogs although they haven't used it yet lol. They don't wear a collar while inside the house. They only wear it when I take them for a walk. :P
  11. My Valentino has it!!! [​IMG]
  12. OMg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That just made me giggle out loud!!!!!!!! Your pup is adorable!!!!!
  13. ^^^that is WAY too cute! :yes:
  14. haha...he's a cutie alright lol
  15. oh i miss my dog, i would definatly have had that on her. all your dogs are so cute