If only...

  1. haha I dont know if any of you saw this on eBay yet (or if this has already been posted) but I would LOVE a long sized wallet like this!! Ohhh and I saw that flat fake qee on this girl's non-toki (but LeSportsac) bag a while ago.. it was really interesting and I wouldn't mind having one LOL just the qee.. not the bag.. the qee is rubbery-ish and flat haha its kinda cute.


    IF ONLY IT WASN'T FAKE!! And if I could change the inside pockets a bit.. to make it like a checkbook!

    :girlsigh: Just dreaming..
  2. I know!! I saw that and wished it was real too... It would have been a much better sized wallet for me.
  3. they should have made bigger wallets. the denaro is cute but i think it's more like a kiddie wallet like how they use to have those plastic hello kitty wallets with 2 card slots...lol.

    don't get me wrong i love the DENARo, but i'm sure if there was more options in wallets styles, everyone would of course go for a bigger wallet.

    Too bad they are fake, i wouldn't be caught using these... but it would have been a good idea.
  4. I feel the same way too! I love my denaro but if they made longer ones.. :drool: hahaha :lol:

    Hey djr! Is your bday on the 2nd?? LOL mine is on the 1st!! :nuts:

  5. :wlae:VIRGO'S!!! happy birthday (for tomorrow ;))
    no it's the 3rd...should have put 4 days but i'll be out the whole day/night tomorrow and would be able to update it.
  6. My birthday is the 3rd too! :queen: ... and I also wish they had made bigger wallets.
  7. Yeah I seen those wallets too. I have to admit I really like the fake adios and brown one but I don't have a paypal account. Otherwise I would have considered buying one since I prefer a checkbook style wallet.
  8. Has there ever been discussion of adding more wallet styles ? That kinda sucks, that it's only the billfold.
  9. Yeah, I think the denaro really could use some work... especially in the card-slot department. I hate having to stuff all of my things into just two pockets :sad:
  10. oooh! i love this style! i don't have a denaro, which i think would be great when carring smaller bags, but i prefer longer wallets.
  11. yah I saw those... I can't believe how much they're bidding for, the brown one is at $76!!! :wtf:

    I kinda want one... but not willing to pay more than I would for an authentic denaro!!! :rolleyes:
  12. omg, i hate stuffing my 2 pockets...sadly they are stretched to capacity! Someone suggested putting them in the coin area, fits perfectly, so 3 pockets instead of 2:roflmfao:
  13. Oh I never really thought of that... good idea~ Unfortunately, I didn't bring any of my denaros to college with me (I just have my arancia zucca, cammo olive bella, citta caramella...) so I suppose I'll have to try it when I return home :biggrin: There are a LOT more tokis on the way, though hahahaha~ I love getting packages at school :heart:
  14. I use a separate coin purse, so I put membership cards, frequent boba cards, etc. in the velcro pocket... my denaro is pretty stuffed but I can deal with it. I also carry a separate checkbook wallet with my corporate cards, etc.