If Only This Was Real...oh Ma Gawd ! Loves It ! Thats Hot !

  1. OMG If only this was real :crybaby: [​IMG]
  2. I'm a bit frightened by it - that would be a lot of red, and think of the cracking if you overstuffed it, no give at all. Nope, suitcases are not something that you want to be that delicate about.

    Leave it in photoshop.
  3. ya I agree...too much red for me! lol I'd love it if it were in framboise :biggrin:
  4. I would be scared to actually use it. :p Would be cute in framboise. :love: :p
  5. Cec, great minds think alike, huh? ;) :p
  6. I think it's cute if it was real ofcourse. I love red!
  7. Now, even me....who is always saying, "but it's luggage" would be afraid to use that....lol
  8. I thought it was real. Isn't it the same one VB has on her luggage cart?

  9. It may be a special order! :nuts:
  10. I wouldn't dare to use it, vrnis is so sensitive for scratches!!!!

  11. :yes:
  12. I like luggage like this that would stand out in baggage claim, but scary to use!
  13. Lovely. I am really beginning to like red.
  14. haha! indeed:p
  15. :love: hmmm.... Victoria's so prettyyyyyyyyy:drool: