If only LV had one of these


    wouldnt that be awesome? id love to have one in my wallet
  2. do you mean a store card or a credit card with the LV logos on, kinda like the hello kitty?
    imagine an amarante credit card...yummy.
  3. wow.............if i had one of those............. *sigh*
  4. <-----------it would be the death of me !!
  5. lol. doesnt BOFA have one of those options where u can personalize your CC with a picture or something? Perhaps you can get a nice picture of the LV logo and ask them to print that for you.
  6. Oo i would love that and then a little stamp card where you like buy 10 things (Seperate or all together) And get a free gift like a book mark or something!! :girlsigh:
  7. hehehehe...........that sounds AWESOME!! Imagine for the people who have the huge collections..........imagine how many free gifts they would get!! :nuts:
  8. heh. 15% off your first day. wow. we'd have a problem.
  9. OMG yes that would be so awesome.
  10. I know!
    And then like if you got several L.E pieces like 5 you get a special L.E Gift :nuts:
    Anyone want to suggest this to their SA's?!?:graucho:
  11. Oh I would have to be commited after all the spending I would do,lol.
  12. That would be perfection!
  13. Just what I'd need, my credit card already gets enough LV use!
  14. hehehehe..............if LV ever does, I WILL have to beg my dad to get one for me :p :lol:
  15. OMG i think id die, i would LOVE to open my wallet and see the beautiful logo, im definetly checking out that whole picture thing on a CC