IF only it was REAL

  1. This is hot, I wish LV would make black vernis

    Item number: 200186321531 on eBay
  2. agreed, i suppose the amarante(sp?) is the closest we have :sad:
  3. Hrmm.... looks weird. Seems too gothic-y.
  4. The LV inyl collection from 2006 FW was quite close too. Only it was in vinyl and not really leather.
  5. it would be nice and not...my gucci clutch is black patent leather and it shows every finger print YUCK...LOVE LOVE LOVE that purse but I have to carry a cloth to wipe it down.
  6. I still wish they made vernis speedies.... and not that pearl white super limited japanese release. Maybe in amarante...
  7. Thats gorgeous :drool:
  8. I was about to post it up. John is right. Too gothic looking. I like the amarante better and the charm is too cheap-looking.
  9. Yes, black vernis shows every finger tips!!
    I tried a tiny Chanel bag made of vernis like LV vernis, it was so cute but as I touched it was full of fingertips!! I couldn't spend all my life cleaning the fingertips on a bag LOL
    Apart from this pratical thing I think black vernis would look gorgeous! :smile:
  10. I think a very dark almost black glittery charcoal would be TDF.
  11. There was a black Lexington now that I think better! The one with the flowers attached, do you know the line I mean?
  12. ^ive seen it, and the black color is not as stunning as one would think, imo.
  13. Im not a big vernis fan, not practical in my opinion. Give me monogram, damier, or leather
  14. I've never seen it in real light, so what you said bvbirdygirl may be the reason why we never had black vernis!
  15. I'm getting the black lexington and I didn't even think of the fingerprints issue baahh.. :sad: It's gorgeous though! :love: