If only I had bought...

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  1. I do not know if this was a topic before but I wonder if anyone feels the same...

    From time to time I wish that I had bought a bag that is now discontinued, the Marie in mini monogram...would soo love to get one but hate the idea of buying LV from eBay:confused1:

    What is the bag you wish you bought?
  2. If you need help authenticating, we're more than happy to help in the Authentication Sticky!!! :biggrin:

    A bag I wish I would have purchased... Tanger and the Amman Messenger from the Monogram Mini Line.
  3. I wish I had bought the cerises speedy a couple of years ago. Sigh.
  4. i wish i had bought the whole cerises line a couple of years ago. Sigh

  5. The only bag I regret not purchasing is the mono vienna mizi ... I looked at both the klara & mizi from this range and decided on the klara (as I felt the mizi was too big for me:crybaby: )...I then let the mizi go.........:wtf:
  6. more epi pieces with gold hardware, I don't like the silver :sad:
  7. I wish I'd been into LV for the cherry blossom!
  8. I wish I had bought the Graffiti Speedy at retail when it was $600! LOL
  9. can i say i wish i saw the myrtille speedy that was on eBay last week and bought that instead of the full price one i recently got from the store. it kills me that i paid full retail.
  10. The list could go on & on but here are a few:
    Graffiti speedy
    Mono Theda GM
    Mono Klara
    Panda Vavin PM
    Cerises sandals
    Cerises scarf
  11. Chery blossom, but at that time I didn't know much about LV :sad:
  12. Graffiti Alma PM in black/white and perfo cles in orange.
  13. Would have loved a white graffiti speedy. Of course when it came out I would never ever buy a $600 purse, now I think that's a good deal.
  14. cerises speedy, cles, rond, zippy and agenda
  15. Khaki Speedy Graffiti