If Only I Could Have It All....!!!

  1. Hi!!!
    Call me fickle minded, call me shallow, obsess or nutty! I still cant decide my first LV!!! TPF has begun being my daily feed, morning, afternooon, night... anytime I am glued, drooling, accessing, smiling and frowning in this forum. I think I have to stop, and to stop the obsession I have to get something to satisfy this urging obsessing needs!!

    I finally made up my mind today, and had narrow my choice. I successfully convinced DH to loan more, max $2300 for my "anything-but-stop-the-obsession" with LV!!!:p

    Help me dear TPFers,
    Should I get :

    SUHALI LOCKIT PM ( colour to be decided later)

    Please bear in mind this is going to be my next 5-10 years bag ( before I start my obsession again, I hope). I cant purchase many bags, as often as other TPFes cos I'm a homemaker and going to send our son to private school next year... so $$$ is a limitation for designer bags.

    If I were to purchase Lockit, does it make sense I'm carrying her day and night??? Suhali Lockit is really TDF!

    However, If I choose second option, I could use Speedy for day and aimable for night, but afraid it doesnt worth the money due to her petit size... Ohhhh... please help my fickle undecided mind!!!

    :crybaby:If only I could have it all.....

  2. SUHALI LOCKIT PM - I love it. I wish I have more fund to buy it.

    Anyway, I had damier speedy before - I fell out of love and then it's my sister's !
  3. i :heart: the suhali lockit pm. but considering it's going to be bag(s) for 5-10 years i'll choose speedy and l'aimable. my reasoning is so u can have 2 bags to switch around. i prefer more variety :smile:.
  4. I agree...if you're going the next 5-10 years I'd go for the two bags. More versatility for your wardrobe. Let us know what you decide!
  5. Go for the two bags. You will have a great everyday bag and a stunning evening bag.:tup:
  6. Go for the multiple bags, get the variety. The lockit is an extraordinary bag, but it's nice to be able to switch it up. Besides, this
    [​IMG]is just a stunner.
  7. I too would go for 2 bags since its going to be over such a kinda long period of time. They are both great :tup:
  8. definitely the lockit pm
  9. If I were you, I would go with the two bags: Speedy for day and L'Aimable for night! However, I would not choose Damier Azur but Damier Ebene (no vachetta to worry about, it's an all-weather bag!)
  10. The lockit is gorgeous but I would go for two as well. Once you've used your lockit for a while you will want something special for parties and dinners. If you go for two you will always have that special bag for occasion...congrats and good shopping!
  11. I would go for the two bags.
  12. Get the two and definitely the Speedy ebene. Good Luck!
  13. Thank you girls for your kind support!! I'm gonna show this to my DH. Keep coming please....
  14. I would go for the two bags. I have both of them, great purchases and can be used on so many different occasions. Go for 2!
  15. LOCkiT!!:woohoo: