If only dreams were TRUE

Oct 11, 2006
I wish they made a mini lin Wapity. I just think that would be completely beautiful. Have ya'll seen the new Mini Lin in DUNE....nice. Deff would be scared it would get dirty way to fast. My boyfriend doenst' know what to do now that I'm drooling over a Damier Dumno...lol Poor thing


Mar 2, 2006
Lol...I've only seen it in the book so far but it's such a light color and unoprotected by any covering (like the Charms shoes). Now THAT, I'd be afraid to carry :lol:
If I could have anything made, it'd be a fuchsia (not framboise) Biscayne Bay GM. I love that style and so far the only colors they make are:
*the red that I already have
*Marshmallow that I have the Petronia St. in
*Peppermint that I have the Bedford in
*And Noisette which I just don't like the color of because I already have beige, which is close enough.
Lol. I want my fuchsia.

And I'm sure your BF will get over it :lol:


Aug 31, 2006
I know what you mean...and there are some styles that I wish were available for me from LV! Such as...

More monogram styles carried over to the damier print (such as the Noe and Cabas piano/mezzo...wish these weren't SO). There are only a couple unique styles I like that are in the damier line (such as the Chelsea and Parioli). :sad: