If only chloe done half price sales.. :(

  1. Hi im from the uk .. i was just wondering if anyone has ever got a chloe paddington for under £700? I made the mistake of buying one from eBay not aware that there were so many fakes and i stupidly beleived the seller when they re-assured me it was authentic. Only until i found this great site i realised mine was a fake :sad: i was quite mad seen as i paid £200 for a fake. The information on this site is really great and i so envy you all with your real chloes :p iv found many sites which claim to sell chloes for like under £200 but there all too good to be true and are fakes its so hard for a 19yr old to save up £700 lol xx
  2. Yes. Net-a-porter have sales. I scored a Paddy before Christmas last year for half-price. Be patient.
  3. Chloé stores go on sales, too, occasionally. Keep on looking :yes:
  4. Most of the London stores have sales on Paddy's at the end of each season - Harvey Nichs, Matches, Browns....be patient and you will get your beautiful authentic Paddy ;)
  5. the sad part is i live up north and have no chance of getting to london where they sell the chloes off :sad: i have to rely on internet buying, but thank you for your comments :smile:. could any one tell me if bananasoup is an authentic site im not too sure?
  6. Here in Australia, Chloe handbags never go on sale, ever!!! Or at least we don't get the crazy 50% discounts as the US and the UK. But keep checking net-a-porter.com and Luisaviaroma.com i love their Chloe sales, i managed to get one silverado and a paddy in tobacco from net-a-porter at 50% off and a baby paddy in mastic at 30% off and in bleu nuit at 50%. Just make sure you sign up to their mailing list and you'll get notified of the sales when they happen :smile:

  7. I live "up north" too :yes:
    So far I've only got 2 Chloé bags.... one is a clutch which I got on sale from NAP and the other is pre-loved from eBay. There are definitely bargains to be had, and you're in the right place now!
    Keep checking out the "eBay finds" in the shopping section, and if you find one yourself make sure to get it "authenticated" ;)
  8. Yes keep checking ebay and post a link for us to look at....I have bought and sold a few Paddingtons for around the half price mark
  9. Check Diabro.net as they have Chloe's that a reasonably priced - and cheaper then they are here in Oz. Perhaps they will work for you too. I bought an Argent Paddy and it was cheaper than LVR and NAP. The ladies here have authenticated a few other gals bags and they all received the thumbs up in terms of authencity.

    However they do sell out of the stock too... good luck I know how hard it can be.

    (pls ignore the link that appears at the end of this post)
    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  10. thank you very much for all your help :smile: il keep checking ebay and the sites you've told me :smile:
  11. Net a porter have good sales, in Christmas they had the tan and red paddy for £450 and the anthracite for £600.

    On Ebay check out studio sixty six, she sells authentic stuff, i bought my tan paddy off her for £400.
  12. Tamara

    I am from way up North and NAP is the best. I got Chloe items in there half price just after Xmas.

    You are in the right place here to get links about the deals etc so I am sure we will help you get one sooner rather than later.
  13. I don't know where you are from but Harvey Nics in Leeds has had Chloes on sale before :smile: