if not shining monkey then what?

Sep 8, 2006
i'm in desperate need to get something to protect the handles on my damier azur speedy, but i don't knwo what, i was about to buy shining monkey after that thread about it giving rashes or something... anyway.. LV friends are there any good prodcuts to use on my damier azur handles???
links and pics would be helpful tooooooo

Bag Fetish

Iphone Addict!
Mar 28, 2006
anything can give rashes if there is something in it your skin doesnt like.
I'm sure like anything the person that got the rash is allergic to something in the product.

you can use apple guard, or wilson spray...
And with either of those you could be allergic as well. Perhaps check the website first before purchasing.

I've used all of the products with no issue or rash.


Jun 29, 2006
I've used shining monkey and it's good. Except when you spray it, it really stinks, I cover my nose with a towel and I spray outside really quick and then get outta there fast cause I don't want to breathe in that stuff.

Jen Loves LV

Aug 19, 2006
For you Kiwi users, does the leather still patina at a normal rate or is it faster or slower? :confused1:

Oh and does it keep the handles from getting so dark?

I've only had my bag a week and half or so, but it hasn't seemed to effect the patina process, my vachetta is just slightly beginning to turn. The can of Kiwi said right on it that it wouldn't stop the leather from being able to "breathe", so i'm guessing it won't have too much effect on the patina process.