If not Chanel, then what?

  1. Ok I know this is a tough question but.....

    If you had the choice to get any other bag other than Chanel, what would it be?

    Do you girls like the Muse?

    Or the Spy bags?

    I know Hermes is top notch, but Its not in my budget...yet.:p:p

    So what other bags do you rank in the same class as Chanel?:confused1::confused1:

    I want another Black "it" bag, but not trendy, something that will last for a good couple of years in my collection.
  2. I have bags from other designers, LV, the Muse, a SPY and Bottega Venetta plus Prada ... among others. I have 'two collections" - the higher end designers mentioned above and less expensive or older ones that I rarely use - Miu Miu, Luella, etc.

    But by far my collection is 90% Chanel.

    I just bought a Chrome Hearts wristlet that I love but if there is one bag that I want - and I would only want one from them would be an Hermes Kelly, which my DH said I could get when I deliver my first baby!!!
  3. I have Prada, Gucci and LV as well. But I really want a Spy bag one day. Chanel is my favorite though. Most of my bags are Chanel!
  4. I like LV, Gucci, Tods, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Balenciaga, Bottega, and Chloe...in addition to Chanel. I like to have a well rounded collection, Hermes I'm not ready for style wise and $$....
  5. My dream is to own a Hermes one day.
  6. JIMMY CHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I also have other brand bags Gucci, Prada,LV, Anya H., Moschino, BV but I never think to own a Hermes. I never think it is a beautiful bag. Anyway, I believed its quality is the top.
  8. I really like YSL. CHANEL and YSL seem to be my two favorites. I like Hermes as well, but I am still not sure it's actually worth the prices they charge so for now, those are my brands.

    I have a couple YSL bags including the Muse and I love it. It is high quality and it has been a great bag.
  9. Prada guaffres and hermes
  10. My second love is Balenciaga, then LV.
  11. Most of my collection is Chanel. I have a few LV's I won't part with. I'd like to own a Hermes one day. Don't know if that will ever be in my budget though.
  12. Aside from my chanel bags, i'm currently in love with chloes.
  13. I like to have a well rounded collection actually. I'm actually getting an LV Saleya for when the baby is born, I can lug his things in that. I chose it for it's understated pattern and its durability.

    I'm big time into Prada ATM. :heart:
  14. I like Gucci and LV too...

    Below is my current collection...
  15. I already have alot of designer bags, my fav r my Chanels:yes: