If my sister gave me these, I'd slap her!

  1. They not only look bad, they look odd! I couldn't imagine them being flattering on any feet! :Push:
  2. ha ha, what a hoot - the look like they'd give you the meanest blisters!!!
  3. umm...yeah, i agree...i'd definitely slap her.
  4. Shameful:sad2:
  5. I'd slap her while SHE was wearing them!
  6. People are really creative.
  7. Maybe her sister hates her ? :biggrin:
  8. Of course she "doesn't have the original box...".. hmmm... how convenient..! lol
  9. hahahaha!!! if my sister gave me that i would wonder if we were really related.
  10. Ah, no box and a gift story. LOL.
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Yuck! Those are nasty. Why do they remind me of old lady sandals?
    Old wrinkly toes sticking out.....
  13. ewwww :sick:
  14. ditto!!!