If my item doesn't sell do I still owe "seller's fees"???

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  1. just curious because i know you have to give a percentage to eBay when you sell your item but wht about seller fees? do we still have to pay it if my item does not sell?

  2. nope, you don't. and you can usually get your listing fee removed if it sells the second time you list it.
  3. If you list it again and it sells, then they'll refund your listing fee. Most of the time (in my case) it'll sell the second time so you can get it refunded.
    This is from eBay so this may help:
    About Insertion Fees
    An Insertion Fee is a listing fee. It is the price eBay charges for listing your item for sale.

    This fee is charged to your seller's account at the time of listing.

    As with a newspaper ad, you need to pay this basic listing fee, even if your item is not sold. (If your item sells, a Final Value Fee is charged to your seller's account.)

    Insertion Fees are not refundable.
  4. ohh i think that's what i meant..the "insertion fee"....

    and how it says it is charged to my sellers account...does that basically mean it is taken out of my paypal account?
  5. They still charge the insertion fees if the item doesn't sell, and yes they take it from your paypal account at the end of the month.
  6. To be crystal clear:
    If you list an item once, and it doesn't sell, you DO owe the listing fees.

    If you RE-list that exact item using the RELIST feature (not by making a whole new listing), and it sells on the second listing, then eBay will refund you ONE instance of the listing fee: NOT both.

    If it does not sell the second time, you are no longer eligible for a relist credit for that item.

    So basically, they are going to get their money out of you at least once no matter what.
    I know it's confusing!
  7. It comes out of your Paypal account if that's your chosen method of paying your ebay fees. I have mine done with an automatic withdrawal from my checking account.

    And yep...you have to pay those listing fees. Blah.
  8. BTW I would never, ever again give eBay access to my PayPal account OR my checking account :wtf: If you google "eBay double charges" or something like that, you will find that eBay has double charged sellers for the full amount of their invoice due--some to the tune of thousands of dollars--not once but several times in the past. I was one of them and it took nearly 3 months to get it straightened out. :cursing:

    Now I pay my eBay fees whenever I feel like it, LOL, as a one time payment through PayPal. I'll be danged if they steal my money again, screwing me out of money market dividends as well as just not having the slightest leg to stand on for why they made the mistake and not being at all repentant.
  9. ^That's what I always do, just the one time payment thing. That way I can pay half if I feel like it.
  10. I do the one time payment thing as well, I do not want them to have free access to my money!
  11. ^ Do you guys go through auctiva to sell? I could've sworn that when I signed up for auctiva and I tried to post my first listing there was an "error" because I didn't have paypal on auto pay. So then, I of course made it so that now the payments automatically get deducted from my account every month. Can somebody please help me out here?
  12. I don't use Auctiva, no. I use Inkfrog, and they stay out of the invoicing & eBay fees stuff.

    BTW you can always go into your ebay account and CHANGE the way you pay your seller invoices. I'd try it, and then see if Auctiva gives you a problem again.