If my Coach bag could talk, it would say...

  1. "You don't take me out like you used to."

    "Why are you running around with that cheap Target bag? And don't give me that lame excuse about the rain again."

    "We really need more color in our collection. I mean, really, how many brown bags does one person need?"

    "You know, you could use some organizing help down here....I have no idea how old those tic tacs are, but I wouldn't eat 'em if I were you."

    So, what would your bag say?:nuts:
  2. "Sup?"
    "Yo, forget this "ban" biznezz & get me a new sister.....
    Rosie......Legacy Shoulder in rose!":graucho:
  3. "Do you love her, or her, or her......more than you love me?
  4. If my Coach bag would talk it would say, "For the love of Pete, stop worrying about what your SO thinks and buy more of me! I'll always be there for you-- even when he isn't!"
  5. "Please don't put me in the closet!! I'll be good I promise!! "
  6. My Ali would say "I'm so lonely. When are you going to get me a friend? Like a nice wallet or wristlet to go out with us."

    My brown suede drawstring pouch would say "Ever since you got that Legacy, you never take me anywhere." My camel suede soho flap would agree with the pouch.

    My rambler's legacy would say "What are you two complaining about? I haven't seen the light of day in months!"
  7. LOL this thread is hilarious.
    Mine would say, "Oh come on! You know I would look better with what you have on today. why are you carrying her? Stop being lazy."
  8. if my coach bags could talk it would say "stop bringing me to the Coach outlet/store, don't you think I've seen this place enough, duh, remember this use to be my home!"
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. hehehe...:roflmfao: Can you imagine if they all got together like siblings--"you were always her favorite!"

    "Who, me?" She always paid more for your accessories!"

    "I always got your hand me downs. Never once did I get a matching mini skinny!"
  11. Mine would definitely accuse me of being lazy!

    Have you been listening to my bag again?:p
  12. funny that i cost more then the amount of $$ in me. but i guess i m worth it, huh?
  13. Lol, TejasMama, this thread is already hilarious and I know it's going to get more so.
  14. Oh, yeah, this is funny!:lol::roflmfao:

    Green Hamptons tote to me:

    "Why is chocolate Carly looking at me that way?? Make her stop"!
  15. LOL. I think our bags may be filling each others ears.

    Dude, you were genious with this thread! I know it"s gonna be flooded with stuff.