if my 85mm simples seem really high to me, can i handle VPs?

  1. I love my simples but I think they are probably the highest heel that I can handle. BUT I am drooling over nude patent VPs...do you think I can handle the heel height? when you wear them, do they seem that much higher?
  2. I don't have the simples so can't compare but to me the VP's are the most comfy heels I have!
  3. To me the VP's do not seem that they are as tall as they are. They are much more comfortable and easy to walk in, for me, than the simple 100's. I think it is the platform.
  4. IMO, the VP's are easy to walk in. Like ronsdiva stated, it has to do with the platform. It doesn't feel that high when you have them on.
  5. I totally agree with this as well:yes:
  6. i have simples 100 mm and i can walk blocks and blocks in those, but i absolutely cannot walk past 5 min in VPs. even w/the platform i feel the sky high 5" heel really puts all your body weight forward onto the balls of your feet, so they just feel very pained very quickly. could be just me, since i've definitely heard others exclaim surprise at their comfort despite the high heel.
  7. To answer your original question, the VP's definitely look and *feel* higher than Simple 85's. You're overall almost 5" off the ground, including the platform, as opposed to 3.3" or so. There's more pressure on the ball of the foot. However, I do think they are surprisingly comfortable "for their height" due to the platform.
  8. I dont have the simples, but I do agree with everyone that the VP is one of my most comfy CL's.