If money were no object...

  1. What would be your favorite:

    Skin care brand

    Hair care brand

    Makeup brand

    I was thinking about this the other day, LoL shallow i know :shrugs:
    but if i was a celeb or really wealthy what would i use? what would you use?
  2. I like this thread :graucho:

    I like a mix of high-low, so I think even if I had tons of money I wouldn't be wasting money on ridiculously expensive products just because I could, kwim? One of my favorite things is when celebs are asked about their favorite products and they list a couple products you can buy at any drug store :tup:

    Buuut, since you asked :angel:....

    Skincare: La Prairie and I'd have a dermatologist on call 24-7

    Haircare: Frederick Fekkai (and a Mason Pearson brush) and I'd go to Rita Hazan to get my hair done!! :girlsigh:

    Makeup: I tend to like boutique brands more than the classic brands. I'd literally buy every single product from Smashbox and Tarte, but probably a bunch of Chanel and Dior too...
  3. skin care... forget brands I would go to the best parts of the world for remedies for clear glowing beautiful skin.

    Hair Care- hire my own stylist

    Makeup- hire my own makeup stylist
  4. OOH, good thread!!
    I am using La Mer currently and love it so much, so I would probably stick with that. As far as makeup, I love it all. I would just have so much more of it-I can't even imagine how much I would have. I love Chanel makeup the best though.
    For my hair, I would definitly hire a stylist, I hate doing my own hair!! I love the girl who does my hair now, she knows my style and it always looks great after she does it, so I would hire her full-time!!
    I would probably also have a huge perfume collection, even though I always go back to my old two faves, I love buying new perfumes!!
    Gosh, I would have to have custom-made shelving in my bathroom to keep all my treasures in!!
  5. For skincare, I'd like to give La Prairie and La Mer a shot. For hair, I would hire a stylist that has done my hair since I was a kid full time. And as for makeup, I'd probably have all kinds of brands.. though I do have a preference for Chanel and MAC.
  6. i will stick to my current hairstylist, she knows what suits me and give me a new look everytime. im very indecisive in what i want, so she decides for me. make up: mac, napoleon and bobbi brown
  7. claireZk I have been wondering for years about the mason pearson brush, I might give it a try :yes:
  8. Right now It would be:

    Skin care-Clinique
    makeup-MAC and Urban Decay, I love them both.
  9. Have you heard about the new brush Sonia Kashuk did for Target? Supposedly it's identical to a Mason Pearson and it retails for only ~$15. Her makeup brushes are good, so I think I'm going to give it a try and see how I like the size, shape, etc...
  10. skin care brand: La Mer
    hair care brand: Jose Eber
    make-up brand: Serge Lutens (only available at Bergdorg Goodman and Europe)
  11. Skin: La Prairie and Lancome

    Hair: Phyto

    Makeup: MAC for eyeshadow, Chanel for powder foundation and blush, Lancome for liquid foundation and mascara

    Generally the same as what I would use on a regular basis, cuz I buy what I like and works for me, NOT because of its price.
  12. Easy!

    Skin care brand - La Prairie, La Mer & Lancôme

    Hair care brand - Frédéric Fekkai

    Makeup brand - Chanel, MAC
  13. I may sound stuck up, but personally I wouldn't change anything, because I have found products that has actually worked through the years! :yes:
  14. Skin care brand: Chanel and Phytomer

    Hair care brand: biolage ...use it now, but would hire a personal stylist

    Makeup brand:chanel
  15. Skin Care: Clinique
    Hair Care: Biolage and Redken
    Makeup Brand: Bare Escentuals, Stila, Lancome, and Chanel