If money was not an issue... would you get a montaigne BB and MM... in both sizes ?

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  1. If money was not an issue... would you get a montaigne BB and MM... in both sizes ?

    Or are the bags too similar to get the same model in different size ?
  2. The bag itself has so much going on. Maybe one in Empreinte and one in canvas. But not two canvas. Way too much vachetta for that.
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  3. I got the empreinte bb because I can wear it crossbody, so no mm for me but my bb been sitting on the shelf since august 2016 collecting dust....shouldn't have bought it...
  4. Well if you're donating....
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  5. If I loved the bag then yes. I have multiple sizes of the same bag for example Speedy and Alma.
  6. Yes. I definitely would. Many people have both the Speedy 25 and the Speedy 30, sometimes even in several canvases. Those are way more similar, I find, than the Montaigne BB and the Montaigne MM. Which is a great looking bag with very simple, classic lines that will not go out of style. It's also functional, and becomes even more attractive when it ages (at least the canvas version). The BB can be worn handheld or crossbody, the MM is a shoulder bag for days when one needs to carry more than just the essentials. Those are different functions and different looks.
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  7. If Money were no issue, yes! Why not? :P
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  8. If money were no issue I would buy Montaigne bb empreinte and mm in canvas :smile:
  9. I´d get both in empreinte, but probably with different colors. MM in black and BB in red :loveeyes:.
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  10. If money weren't an issue.. I would probably just get one Montaigne MM in empreinte Noir or Papyrus. For me I think one style is enough.. then I can splurge my extra money to another LV purse or probably another lux purse.
  11. If money was not an issue.. Then yes, definitely will get both! Love it in empreinte but would get it in different colours.. Like a neutral for MM and pop of colour for BB...or try even Empreinte and Vernis.
  12. I love my Montaigne mm ! So for me yes , I would get both . The bb is cute . Of course though I would probably get the bb in the empreinte not the moogram .
  13. Yes. If you love the functionality of it then for sure!
  14. Would you be interested in selling the crossbody strap from your empreinte Montaigne bb?
  15. Why do you not wear it?