if money was NOT an issue, what LV item would you get 2 of?

  1. if money was NOT an issue, what LV item would you get 2 of?

    You canNOT say... i'll get 2 different bags/

    Say.. hypothetically... someone gave you money, but you must get TWO of that bag, or wallet, or agenda, or key holder, etc.

    What would it be?
  2. Could it be different prints, yet the same item? :wtf:
  3. The Berkley would get it in Azur in additional to my ebene.
  4. Well, I already have 4 Speedies, so....

    probably a white and a blue Suhali Lockit PM.
  5. I would also get a Suhali Lockit but in the MM size.
  6. 2 Mirage Speedys!
  7. suhali lockit pm
  8. The motard biker.
  9. Alright, I changed my mind. I'd take 2 of my HG bags, the Oskar Waltz. :drool:
  10. probably a speedy 35...one to use and one to just stare at. Its my favorite bag..I wish it clould stay fresh and new forever.
  11. I would get the suhali lockit pm in blue and black. My holy grails!!
  12. same here!! :drool:
  13. I would get the biker in black and brown... Love the bag..
  14. The two largest trunks I could find in Monogram and the Black Multicolore print. ;D
  15. And again I am forced to point out that no one ever says they want the Tribute bag...