If Money Was No Obstacle

  1. what Coach handbag would you buy and what color?
  2. I could only choose 1???
  3. I would buy either the Legacy Ali or the Legacy Slim flap in khaki/ebony, with the matching wallet and wristlet.
  4. the black signature Mandy (I would realllllly love that super limited edition Hyacinth leather Mandy, but they only made a few of those and they are $1000))
  5. I'd buy that Penelope Green Croco one that Mandy Moore carries. That bag is so gorgeous and I just love the color green. It is the color of life and Spring and signifies rebirth of life. That girl looks so stylish carrying that green croco Penelope.
  6. something croc and obscenely expensive.

    gotta dream big.
  7. EVERYTHING in EVERY color! Perhaps two of somethings! But if I can pick only one:

    The Legacy Canvas Shoulder in Navy & Pale Blue.

    It's not that expensive, but I'd never pay that for a canvas bag... but if it was free... I'd be all over it! I wouldn't have to fret so much about every little smudge... I still would though... I'm a bit OCD!
  8. The Python Carly ($4000)
  9. THAT'S what i'm talking about!

  10. Yep, I'd go for the green croc Penelope or the Python Carly! :drool:
  11. I think I would find luggage. I travel quite a bit and I would love a decent size coach suitcase.

    And this watch!

  12. I'd get a white Ali and not be scared it would get dirty. :smile:
  13. ^ but I would get the Mandy in white.
  14. I would get a Mandy in whiskey and the matching accessories

    of course a croc bag would be good too!!
  15. Ditto.

    Plus I would buy the Mandy in ever color. I love my whiskey Mandy more than any other Coach bag I own.