If money was no object....

  1. what item of any kind, besides a birkin or a kelly, would you buy from Hermes?
  2. Massai...in Clemence...rouge, raisin, etoupe...:drool:
  3. Let's see ~ a full set of china, blankets (cashmere), sandles & RTW ~ what a nice dream . . . .

  4. well i ask because the have so many gorgeous things I drool over but it would eat into my bag and scarf budget!
  5. A few full sets of China :drool:
  6. My own franchise.
  7. A Jige in every color and 3 enamel bracelets to match each one :girlsigh:
  8. The Pippa desk/stool...that white china with the green rim and tiny leaves on it...a Cape Cod watch with bling and a dark-colored croc strap...
  9. SO a H saddle in marron fonce porosus croc. I won't be using it for riding but rather for pure aesthetic pleasure as a decorative piece.
  10. i am dying for a diamond and emerald cape cod with an emerald green :heart:croc band
  11. China! :nuts:
    Lots and lots of enamel bracelets and pocket squares
    That beautiful horn and enamel necklace I was drooling over :drool: with the earrings to match
    Clipper watch, all stainless steel (saw one on a PFer the other day, I'm in love)
    Now that I've seen the Massai... :graucho: in rouge vif!

  12. That would certainly fit the bill, for me!! :smile:
  13. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I'd like a Lindy and a JPG Kelly.