If money was no object, which LV would you get today?

  1. I'm curious to what you all think is the ultimate LV bag. I think mine would be one in the Suhali line :heart: not sure which though. :girlsigh:
  2. Today it would be a fringe white speedy or a Le fab.

    I havent seen the speedy irl so i'm un-sure.
  3. Today, def. mono Mizi :heart::heart:
    It's not "ultimate LV bag" but at this moment I love it.
  4. Black Suhali L'Extravagant or if I could Special Order it in Germanium than that one!
  5. This clutch:
  6. Hmmm....I have no idea! I like fairly simple designs....It would probably be a piece of luggage (keepall) or a trunk. Manhattan GM is pretty hot as well....
  7. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. I saw this white suhali hobo type bag that I fell in love with. Also there is an Epi Makeup Case that goes for the low low price of 5500 hundred dollars that I would throw in just for fun.
  9. i seem to be buying in bulk these days, so i'd get (all at once):

    Manhattan GM
    Damier Duomo
    Suhali Le Fabuleux (white)

  10. Something from the Cruise Collection (blue GM shopper maybe?)


    Batignolles Horizontal
  11. I would probably get a Le Fab in Gerarium (sp?) or in white. Can we got get it today?
  12. A le fab for sure! Oh what the heck, I'd buy one in each color!
  13. Another LE FAB...i so want the silver one!!! :wlae:

    Or as angelica said, one in each color. :jammin:
  14. I'm jonesing for an LV hatbox.