if money was no object....what bag in the world would you have?

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  1. i've been having this problem with searching for the perfect bag...i want one that's not too fancy but not too plain..and i'm just so picky. :sad2:

    im not into coach, i dont like bags that i've never heard of. I like to invest my money into something that i can use everyday.

    you know how women have to have an everyday bag...then they have the bags that they use every once in a while because its just tooo nice to wear out all the time...and then they have those that their just too ashamed to wear out sometimes....but you wear it anyway because you paid for it.

    ahhh...and i just don't want to invest into something ...and realize a month later..i found something else that i like better...HELP!

    i really love this bag so freakin much.... i might just settle for this one...what do you guys think?

  2. I'm not a Dior fan, but I like that bag.

    If money were no object, I would have the Birkin in red crocodile. Or the Fendi Spy in red crocodile. If I couldn't get my hands on the Birkin, I would get the Spy. (swoons).
  3. I LOVE that Dior bag. The thing about finding the perfect bag, is that you need to find the bag that you aren't just settling for- but you can't live without. For me, at the moment, it was my Paddington! I got it and love it more than anything!!
  4. There's not one answer to this question for me. I would buy a Birkin, a Fendi spy ,a Gucci Horsebit hobo and a Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM.
    Oooh it makes me smile just thinking about it. How nice it is to dream :love:
  5. btw, why would they be ashamed to wear it out?

    My answer is a black croc birkin with custom diamond accents. Or maybe pink croc, either way :biggrin:
  6. I'd want a Birkin in orange ostrich!
  7. Birkin also!! I don't really even care what it is made of, I just want a Birkin!
  8. LV Manhattan PM :love: I saw someone with one today while out at dinner, I couldn't help but stare.

    Others on my wish list
    LV Speedy 25 (Which I think I might be getting for Christmas!)
    Marc Jacobs Blake
    LV Damier Papillon 30
    Coach Calfskin Pocket Satchel
  9. depending on your knowledge of bags, i'd say you're superficially limiting yourself by saying you don't want something you've never heard of. there are a lot of fantastic bags out there made by fantastic up and coming designers that are every bit as well made as some of the more obvious choices, but you don't want them because it's not something that everyone else already has?

    i dunno, i just don't get it. if you know every bag there is to know, then nevermind, you know more than i do and i don't have a point at all. but one crucial element of personal style is an open mind to new things.
  10. Don't make me choose only one!!! ;)
  11. All of them!
  12. I AGREE!!! :idea:

  13. There's nothing wrong with limiting yourself to purchasing only things that you've "heard of or are familiar with". That's the great thing about being an individial. We can purchase what we want and what we like without regards for what other people think.

    Remember, we are spending our own money on our own bags so I don't think it's fair to criticize someone for their own personal opinion.

    This is a an open, friendly forum. I would hate for someone to hold back expressing thier opinion for fear of what others may think.
  14. i was going to answer to amanda...but i guess Iluvbags did it for me. =) thank you for understanding....and i love you guys all...GREAT IDEAS!
  15. noriko, i should have been more clear. I'm not sure how to explain this in a way for you to understand....Its like women have to have bags...shoes...lots of them...and you buy them because its either cheap or you just bought it at the spur of the moment because your a complusive buyer :biggrin: (haha i'm sooo not talking about me or anything!!! :embarasse), and there are some bags that i do own....that i don't really see myself using that much...but i use it because i bought it...or either it matched my outfit at the time and i didn't have any other bag to use...basically a subsitute for the time being.....because it would be waste to have the bag sitting in the closet building up with dust....AND its probably worth keeping than selling.... so i consider those are the ones i'm ashamed of using.. :smile: get it?