If money was no object and you can only get one...


If money was no object and you could choose only one...

  1. violet city with rh

  2. violet city with silver giant hardware

  3. violet city with gold giant hardware

  4. violet hobo (not the day) with silver giant hardware

  5. violet hobo (not the day) with gold giant hardware

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  1. which would you choose? I'm torn!!! I used to not care about the giant hardware at all but now I'm starting to think that it's nice. I'd love to get a violet but WHICH ONE?!
  2. I picked the city with RH. Although I do own one GH bag, I'm just not feeling the GH anymore and plan to continue focusing mostly on RH bags! (after my bag ban, that is!)
  3. i personally don't care for the SGH or the GH, but pics of fayden's violet work with the SGH really made the purple so edgy and cool...
  4. yep- gotta say the violet with SGH is the best. I voted for the hobo SGH but my second choice would be city with SGH.
  5. OK - I think Violet City with GH of one type or another. I have the GSH version and and don't think that the GH is too much on a bag this size at all. However, I think you might like to try the GGH as I like this a lot on my other bags. I am not normally a gold lover. I have almost all (giant) silver ethnic jewellery. The GGH has converted me and I am digging out my few flashy little 21K bangles from the Middle East to match it. I think that the warm gold would go very nicely with the dark reddish purple leather.
  6. I think the giant hardware looks really pretty on the violet bags so I understand your difficulty choosing. I really don't care for the gold at at all but when I saw the silver, I had to rethink it.

    The other consideration on the bags with the giant hardware is weight. That would be something to think about too.

    In the end, I think I would go with regular because of the price and weight. I know you said money is no object.
  7. City with SGH! :graucho:
  8. Although I love SGH and GGH, GH is noticably heavier. A city with RH is such a classic. I wish I put my name on that waitlist.
  9. I would get a Violet City with RH.:love: I do think that Violet looks really nice with SGH, too, but you might not love it as much anymore in a few years.:heart: Good luck finding the one you love, Mas!:yes:
  10. I voted for the hobo with SGH, because (please don't throw things at me, people!:smile:, I'm not a big fan of the city. I do love the silver giant hardware though and think it would be better proportioned with a slouchier bag like the hobo.
  11. I agree with Jmakesmyday...GH is so heavy!
  12. I'm all for the City with RH. i just love the simplicity of the city and the RH - it's classic!
  13. ITA w/Kristy! RH violet city!
  14. It seems like the regular city and the city with silver hardware are close!

    The first violet bag that I saw was the violet hobo with giant gold hardware and I fell in love! I told myself that I would get that when it came out. However, after seeing the city with the giant silver, I became very confused and wanted that too. I have all cities and firsts in my collection with regular hardware and no hobos so I figured it would be good to get a hobo. However, I'm very used to my cities! I think the city with rh would have more longevity but the rh really looks a bit boring compared to the ones with giant hardware.

    I don't mind the weight either since I own a paddy...LOL!

    It would be too silly of me to get a city with rh, sgh and a hobo with ggh but that would be a dream!
  15. I think the hobo in SGH would be lovely. It's a little different and I was never really a proponent of the GH but seeing silver against violine is so pretty. But you definitely can't go wrong with a city RH! Yeah I know, I made your decision that much clearer! :rolleyes:

    I second you on the paddy. I can deal with heavy bags because I've carried a large pocket paddy for a year or so!