If Marc Jacobs Left LV, Would You Continue to Buy/Like LVs?

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  1. This thought was inspired by another thread. Would you? Would your appeal to LV start to diminish if he leaves? Would you look at LV differently if he leaves? I know everybody here will still buy the bags, but would you look at it differently and start losing interest in LVs.

    I think for me the appeal of LV was the creative guy behind it and the hype of him sprucing up the boring image of LV, so I'd say No. :smile: Interesting to see what you guys say.
  2. I'd have to see the designs first. But I think it'd be interesting to see how others take on the monogram. In fact, what marc has been doing a lot is collaborating with other artists, or applying their style to LV, like he did with murakami, sprouse and prince for next season. Maybe LV could hire a new designer every season? I'd love to see f.ex. Slimane LV. :graucho:
  3. yes i would stay with LV - if the designs and overall direction is still up my alley. although i do appreciate what he's done for LV, im not that fussed if MJ leaves the company.
  4. As long as the designs are nice......I really don't mind who's behind them. Slimane LV? The gentlemen would like that :tup:.
  5. I didn't know who Marc Jacobs is when I started buying LV. And I'm sure the majority who buy LV don't either :smile:
    As long as the designs continue to appeal, I'll keep buying.
  6. Actually what you said is quite true for me, i.e. I bought my first few LVs without knowing about MJ. But I have to say that it is his seasonal/creative designs for the past seasons which has been fuelling my purchases season after season. I would have stopped buying at the classic bags if not for the new seasonal designs.
  7. My family is LV's addicted from generations; a looong time before the arrival of Mr. Jacobs.
    Nothing would change...

    Designers come and go... they characterize different periods in the story of our favourite brand....

  8. Yes, absolutely! I think that a change of the designer would bring some "fresh wind" and new ideas to LV. In the last 2 years I have missed a really great "wow" - experience of the new bags! I think it´s time for a new designer for LV!:yes:
  9. depends on the designs. i love lv but when i think about what frida did to gucci after tom ford left it makes me cringe.
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